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Welcome to our 2017 graduates! Reflections on Intergen Bootcamp 2017 and our grads’ tips for grad jobseekers

No graduate left behind. Twenty (of our total intake of 23), of the finest IT graduates took this quite literally on the first day in the office back in January. They squeezed into a lift together which then managed to get stuck; no, this was not an intentional ice breaker to encourage team bonding! ... read full post

Posted by:  Moana Haronga ,  |  27 February 2017

Bootcamp, Graduates

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DI, Power BI and advanced analytics - where can your data take you?

It’s awesome to be reminded of NZ organisations around us achieving great outcomes. Especially when those outcomes involve transformational technology. ... read full post

Posted by:  Linda McConnell , Marketing Communications Specialist |  22 February 2017

Power BI, Data Intelligence, Analytics

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Great habits

I read a great article in the NZ Herald on Friday about a CEO I used to work with about ten years ago at Gen-I, Chris Quin. The article was more about his great success but in it he mentioned a few of the gems that I think have made him stand out.  ... read full post

Posted by:  John Bessey , Empired Group Executive GM Sales & Marketing |  21 February 2017

Career, communication

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Power BI demo on-demand live now!

Having a busy day and don’t have time to meet with us face to face to see a Power BI demo? We have made it easier for you to experience Power BI, anytime, anywhere. ... read full post

Posted by:  Priyanka Roy , Lead Consultant, Business Intelligence |  17 January 2017

Business Intelligence, Power BI, Data Analytics

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The (other) Intergen boot camp experience

When the words ‘boot camp’ and ‘Intergen’ are mentioned in the same breath, it’s usually the annual Intergen grad boot camp we’re talking about. But now there’s a whole new Intergen boot camp in town… Phil Warin, Intergen’s Northern Office Manager, shares her (other) boot camp journey. ... read full post

Posted by:  Phil Warin , Office Manager, Northern |  21 December 2016


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