Spectrum Care NAV

Spectrum Care NAV

Quality system proves within reach for not for profit organisation

The situation

There is a general perception that the not for profit sector cannot afford a quality, large scale financial and accounting system. Spectrum Care is pleased to prove that perception wrong. As an independent charitable trust, Spectrum Care provides services for children, young people and adults with an intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder. They need a unified view of their financial processes - no mean feat for an organisation helping over 450 people to live a normal life in 85 residential homes, with another 1200 people living at home in the community, and extensive assets, including houses and a fleet of vehicles throughout the Auckland and Waikato regions.

Desiring to retire a basic accounting system, Spectrum Care had tight budgetary constraints but was determined to obtain a financial system that would be productive, secure, stable and with the scope to grow with the organisation.

The pain

Spectrum Care sought a quality, fully integrated financial system that would increase their accounting and reporting performance and enable them to plan, act and provide support for disabled people in the community.

Three years on with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Few case studies have the luxury of providing a performance picture several years down the track from implementation. After three years of using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Spectrum Care’s General Manager of Business Services, Kim Casey, reports that their investment has proved itself not only in terms of accounting productivity and functionality, but through positive outcomes for the community they support.

“The system has proved flexible and versatile in terms of the wide range of normal financial and accounting functions it supports (including receivables and payables, monthly reporting, fixed assets), and we have more integration between accounting modules and reduced duplication in data entry.”

Kim Casey also believes that the system has enabled her accounting team to extend their skills beyond typical accounting roles. The system accommodates reporting from different ‘sliced’ dimensions, giving corporate managers more dimensional views of activities.

“Based on increasing competency and confidence in the system, we are now using some of the available functions for wider budgeting processes - recently we have brought our database of 150 vehicles into the system and we are obtaining well structured information that will help us make timely decisions about fleet maintenance.”

Unlocking more potential.

Spectrum Care owns 85 community houses and it is essential that this valuable resource is managed well, to provide people with the best possible living environment. In the next three to four months, Intergen and Spectrum Care are working on incorporating the property management database that will give managers a life-to-date operating view of property expenses and budgetary considerations.

A partnership that has evolved over time.

Kim Casey credits the good personal relationship between her accounts team and Intergen staff as one of the constants over time. She adds, “Some big organisations can feel unapproachable, but Intergen makes us feel that we can come to them any time. If we have a problem we have the confidence to know they will come through for us.”

A large scale answer for a relatively small budget.

On the recommendation of their auditors, Spectrum Care selected Microsoft Dynamics NAV, as an on-of-the-box solution that sat at the quality end of affordability.

Their confidence has been rewarded through significant outcomes:

  • A reduction of half an FTE despite a significant growth in processing volumes
  • A system that provides a full audit trail
  • Tight security around the transaction processing
  • A stable system with less human errors
  • More productivity and less cost to run
  • Minimal technical support requirements

The gain

Information is invaluable for Spectrum Care, allowing it to plan for, support and maximise their vision of people with an intellectual disability living a great life.

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