Westland Milk Products

Westland Milk Products

Integrated technology pays out for Westland Milk Products

The situation

Westland Milk Products is an independent New Zealand co-operative dairy company producing a diverse range of products for nutritional, food and beverage applications, including milk powders, milk fats and milk protein products.

With a 70-year history behind them, when the dairy industry was deregulated and most New Zealand dairy companies amalgamated into Fonterra, Westland was determined to remain independent, with a vision to deliver better value to local farm supplier shareholders.

This necessitated a change in business model, from producer only to a full value chain model that would give them a competitive advantage to perform successfully in the New Zealand and global markets.

Westland needed to integrate and discover synergies between diverse areas of the business, including milk collection, manufacturing, research and development, transport, export shipping, in-market and international markets, sales and logistics.

With a number of disjointed processes operating across disparate systems, Westland decided upon a cohesive IT strategy to support their business vision, and one that leveraged exclusively Microsoft technologies right across the Microsoft stack.

To help them do this, they made the decision to form a long-term partnership with Intergen, embarking on a programme of work.

Westland’s CIO, Darren Wilson says: “We undertook a rigorous search for the right partner who could demonstrate proven competencies with Microsoft technologies. In particular, I was looking for a depth of knowledge in Dynamics NAV. We needed a partner to support our vision, and Intergen with Gold Certified Partner status was the best company to integrate all the components into a cohesive whole. Intergen showed they understood how to apply technology to business processes and business processes to technology.”

The way forward was based on the following technologies:

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV for MRP and supply chain planning
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM to support customers, suppliers and employees
  • WhereScape RED to create a SQL Server Analysis Services data warehouse for Business Intelligence
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server to provide a common knowledge management framework and an intranet
  • Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft Exchange 2003 for desktop productivity

A core element and critical milestone in the strategy was Westland’s upgrade to Dynamics NAV from Navision (an early version of Dynamics NAV). By instituting a solid platform, Westland could turn Westland’s existing financial systems from sales order-led tasks into a full enterprise resource planning system that would provide tools for invoicing, management, procurement, production and business processes, right through to inventory management.

Intergen’s Richard Malloch explains, “Dynamics provides an excellent foundation to support the core business processes. Dynamics NAV manages the unique supply chain planning requirements of the dairy industry. It has been integrated with export documentation, treasury management, pallet tracking, Dynamics CRM and Business Intelligence systems to provide fully integrated business processes. Dynamics CRM is the foundation to support customers, suppliers and employers.”
Clear business outcomes have been delivered in a concise timeframe.

Wayne Leach, CFO for Westland Milk Products, describes the achievements so far:

“Our Business Intelligence environment is outstanding. Intergen used the WhereScape Red tool to rapidly build SQL Server Analysis Services cubes over our Dynamics NAV, plant control, milk collection and CRM systems. This is presented through Excel 2007 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to our users, providing them with the information they need to make decisions to improve the performance of our organisation. Intergen committed an excellent flow of resources across all projects, and demonstrated an exceptional understanding of our business processes.”

The gain

By leveraging the Microsoft stack of technologies, Westland Milk Products now has the foundations for a series of integrated business systems that deliver new efficiencies, knowledge and the end-to-end visibility needed to support their total value chain.

The benefits of this have been very evident. Last year Westland performed better than its counterparts, providing the highest milk payout in the country to its farmer shareholders.
And Intergen didn’t go unrecognised, either. Microsoft awarded Intergen membership to their Dynamics Presidents Club, an honour reserved for the top 5% of partners worldwide.

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