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Looking back to look forward

Bill Gates once said (to paraphrase) that we always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. ... read full post

Posted by:  Tim Howell , Marketing Manager |  19 September 2011

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How to sell smarter – staying ahead of consumer expectations on the web and in-store (part two of two)

Eventually, you will need a website, if you don’t already have one – and it requires ongoing care, attention and maintenance. A Neilsen survey last year showed 45% of New Zealanders now shop online and more than 1.4 million bought online between April 2009 and April 2010. You can’t afford to not have a presence. ... read full post

Posted by:  Daniel Munns , Retail Specialist |  25 May 2011

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The future of online engagement - what are the trends and where are we heading

Developments in the web space are rapid, and the face of online business is constantly changing. With the findings of the Engaged Web in New Zealand Report still fresh in my head, I set about surfing the net to find some of the world’s most engaging websites and to identify some emerging trends and common themes when it comes to websites that truly engage with their visitors. My surfing expedition now complete, here’s what I came back with… ... read full post

Posted by:  Rose Harris , Marketing Assistant |  10 March 2011

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This year's top 10 trends in CRM innovation

In 2010, we found that CRM efforts were largely focused on results-oriented activity, with special attention paid to sustainability and customer retention. CRM was primarily used as a platform for nurturing and developing a better understanding of customers and using this increased knowledge to develop relationships. This was critical to businesses as a result of the economic climate and the changing dynamics of customers and internal resources that this climate created. ... read full post

Posted by:  Steven Foster , Client Director |  22 February 2011

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More of our leaders share their reflections on 2010 and their predictions for 2011.

We've surveyed eight of our leaders now, and key themes are emerging for the year ahead. Like delivering value for money, investing in our people, growing our business and making a concerted effort to celebrate our successes. Here's part two of two ( you can read part one here ), with four more Intergenites sharing their reflections and predictions. ... read full post

Posted by:  Katy Sweetman , Marketing Director, Empired Group |  03 February 2011

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Reflections and predictions. The post(s) in which we talk about the year just been and the year ahead (part 1).

Up until a day or two ago it was the crystal ball time of year. And now it’s February, and already the year is one-twelfth over and taking shape around us at a pace that gets no less alarming with every passing year. ... read full post

Posted by:  Katy Sweetman , Marketing Director, Empired Group |  02 February 2011

2011 predictions

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Contemplating 2011 -- a look at the year just been and the year ahead

It’s hard to make blanket predictions as to what the year ahead has in store for the ICT sector, especially in light of the tumultuous global events of recent times. It’s my hope that the worst is now behind us all, and there are plenty of positive signs to suggest that this may just be the case. But it’s early days, and so it’s probably safer that I look at the year ahead a bit closer to home, where there’s a lot less guesswork involved. ... read full post

Posted by:  Tony Stewart , Intergen Group CEO |  01 February 2011

2011 predictions

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