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Highlights from the Perth Web Accessibility Camp 2019

The Perth Web Accessibility camp was held on February 12 at VisAbility . With over 100 in attendance, it's a great chance to learn and better understand how disabled people engage with the web and apps, and catch up with other accessibility champions. ... read full post

Posted by:  MIchael Bollig , Senior consultant, Digital and Experience Design |  26 March 2019

Accessibility, UX, design, UI, Inclusive Design

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Making waves offshore: Introducing ButtercupReader.net - the latest in accessibility online

Last month in the New Zealand Herald, Tony Stewart, our Managing Director, talked about some of the work Intergen does offshore and how these overseas engagements act as a salve in these challenging economic times. Late last year, Shaun Donaghey, our Auckland GM, talked to Metro magazine about how, with the time difference (and the exchange rate), being from ‘little old New Zealand’ can be turned into a distinct business advantage. ... read full post

Posted by:  Katy Sweetman , Marketing Director, Empired Group |  20 March 2009

Silverlight, TextGlow, MIX, Accessibility, ButtercupReader

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Silverlight adoption

Last Wednesday I had the chance to present to the first meeting of the newly-formed Silverlight User Group . The topic was Silverlight and Accessibility and how to write Silverlight applications within the boundaries of the New Zealand Government Web Standards. Great to see an increasing interest in Silverlight and I’m looking forward to coming along to some more sessions over the next few months. ... read full post

Posted by:  Andrew Tokeley ,  |  03 July 2009

Silverlight, Accessibility

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Are we settling for a life in low fidelity?

A while back I was bemoaning the dumbing down of media with my good friend  Skinny and I think we eventually concluded that it was simply the scourge of new media and everything would come right again soon enough as technology and delivery inevitably caught up to previous standards in response to consumer demand. But I now fear we were wrong, and that in fact this devolution is starting to affect other areas of my life. So this set me to thinking... Are we settling for a life in low fidelity? ... read full post

Posted by:  Eamon O'Rourke ,  |  15 October 2007

Silverlight, Accessibility, Visual Media

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