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Bringing the data to life – four important lessons

We have a client who has been using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for just over a year. They added marketing add-on ClickDimensions to the mix some months later and now have a real set of rich data with which to work. The customer records are updated nightly through a process from a data warehouse and CRM is the mechanism for marketing and outbound communications. ... read full post

Posted by:  Ivor Whibley , CRM Consultant |  17 February 2014

Data, Data Accuracy, Data management, design

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Records management – it’s just about storing stuff? Well, isn’t it?

Exposing the top 10 records management myths. I’ve just finished reading a short article in IDM magazine where Jim Delande makes the following statement: “A comprehensive e-storage system is the solution to today’s digital mess.” And I have to respond – that’s like saying all IT departments need is a digital vault – no process, no governance, just store stuff. Or like a company’s HR department saying all we need is people; they don’t need training or policies, or support – they will work it out themselves.     ... read full post

Posted by:  Paula Smith , Practice Manager, Cloud Solutions |  23 May 2013

Records Management, Data management, EDRMS, Manager, private sector, public sector, Records

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