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Episerver Ascend APAC 2020

Intergen and Empired had a very exciting week at Episerver Ascend APAC 2020. The cherry on the cake was, of course, winning Episerver Partner of the Year award for the APAC region. We are so grateful to our customers who have allowed us to transform their digital experiences, and to Episerver for their share in our very successful partnership. ... read full post

Posted by:  Mariza Löb , Practice Lead, Digital, Data & AI |  16 March 2020

EPiServer, #CXreimagine

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Lessons from the Episerver Ascend 2019 conference: the importance of delivering value and customer-centric experiences

The Episerver Ascend 2019 conference at Miami Beach was one of the largest gathering of the Episerver community of industry leaders, partners, customers and developers. With a plethora of sessions across Product, Development, Marketing tracks and hands-on labs, it provided excellent insights into the future direction of the platform and what others are doing in their organisation from a process perspective. ... read full post

Posted by:  Ronil Rangaiya , Principal Consultant, Digital |  18 December 2019

EPiServer, digital, customer experience, #CXreimagine

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Event Recap: EPiServer 7 Update and Roadmap

If you’re looking to update or get a new CMS (content management system) then EPiServer is one to check out. Especially if the words mobile , personalisation , social media and SEO spring to mind, EPiServer truly makes these things easy and will bring you back to the most important part of your job: connecting with your customers. Andreas and Chris presenting EPiServer Update and Roadmap in Wellington ... read full post

Posted by:  Rose Harris , Marketing Assistant |  21 November 2012

EPiServer, Mobile, Social, Twilight, Website, CMS, Content Management System, EPiServer 7, Event, Recap

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Content Management: How to future-proof your website – A Twilight Recap

According to last week’s Twilight speaker, Rob Stewart, content management systems “give the power back to the users”. They allow ‘non-techie types’ the ability to create, manage and maintain website content without fiddling around with code or needing a single go-to person to get things up and running. ... read full post

Posted by:  Rose Harris , Marketing Assistant |  22 September 2011

EPiServer, Web Content, SharePoint, Mobile, Facebook, Mobile applications, Twilight recap, Content Management Systems

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Report from the EPiServer Partner Summit 2010

Last week I attended the EPiServer Partner Summit 2010 in Malmö, Sweden. Held every two years, the Summit provides partners of the Swedish software company an opportunity to understand the company’s direction, learn about the business and technical aspects of current and upcoming products, and – importantly – network with other partners from around the world. ... read full post

Posted by:  Tim Howell , Marketing Manager |  09 June 2010

EPiServer, EPiServer Partner Summit 2010

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Out with the old: Starting 2010 with a spruce up, from the footpath to the internet

As it so happened this week (and not because we planned it this way), within a space of 24 hours, our new Intergen website went live and we took over naming rights to our building in Wellington, complete with signage in the requisite Intergen colours. ... read full post

Posted by:  Katy Sweetman , Marketing Director, Empired Group |  20 January 2010

Content, EPiServer, Web Content, website redevelopment

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Deploying and load balancing EPiServer 5.2

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been helping out on a website replacement project and one of my tasks was to install and configure the various servers - development, staging, UAT and production - and it has given me a few things to think about and talk about. ... read full post

Posted by:  Peter Jones , Developer |  23 October 2009

EPiServer, Load Balancing, SuperDeploy

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The water is as important as the glass (or the content is as important as the container)

Intergen’s Web Redevelopment Project Part 5 It has been a while since my last website update instalment .  We ‘went live’ on September 13. When I say ‘went live’ I mean that this was the date when we were supposed to go live. Heck, we’d built a website; we’d tested and tested it; 75% of the content had been rewritten and was ready to copy and paste. All that remained to be done was to put all the actual content in. How hard could that trifling detail be, in the scheme of things? Build it and it (the content) will come. Cue Tui billboard. ... read full post

Posted by:  Katy Sweetman , Marketing Director, Empired Group |  12 October 2009

Content, EPiServer, website redevelopment

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Online communities – it’s about connection (and is the new virtual Coronation Street)

All year we’ve been talking to customers about real ways to build online communities to really engage with their customers. We knew we might be onto something when we saw their eyes light up and their interest well and truly piqued. So, with a hot iron and a need to strike it, we decided to bring Andreas Stjernström from EPiServer Sweden to New Zealand and Australia to talk about how companies in the Northern Hemisphere have been doing this successfully for years. ... read full post

Posted by:  Katy Sweetman , Marketing Director, Empired Group |  07 November 2008

EPiServer, Online Communities

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