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Looking to the (hybrid) cloud for effective, responsive business enablement

Looking to the clouds… It’s the hottest topic with clients at the moment. Most vendors are telling you to consider their cloud offerings. They tell you about ALL the products and services that they offer. This leads to one of the biggest misconceptions that I see when discussing this topic with clients: that moving to the cloud needs to be an all in scenario.  ... read full post

Posted by:  Andrew Kosmadakis , Practice Manager, Cloud Design and Integration |  20 June 2016

Cloud, Cloud Computing, Hybrid cloud, Business transformation

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Twilight Recap: Constructive Disruption with Cloud Technologies

Paul Bowkett, Online Services Business Manager at Microsoft, gave an introduction about the cloud, why businesses are moving there, the different cloud types and how - when coupled with Office 365 – the cloud will let you communicate and collaborate anywhere, anytime without any technical roadblocks. ... read full post

Posted by:  Rose Harris , Marketing Assistant |  06 December 2012

Cloud, Microsoft, Twilight recap, Twilight, Twilight Seminar, Office, Community cloud, Hybrid cloud, Microsoft Office 365, Private cloud, Public cloud

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