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What’s this thing about 50% of jobs disappearing, and should I be worried?

As a business person who works in the technology consulting space, I have started to think hard about what this means for my wonderful children. If 50% of jobs really disappear, how can I guide them on their life and career journey? The aim of this article is help us all consider what types of work activity could disappear, and, importantly, what new careers might be created! ... read full post

Posted by:  Steve Scarbrough , General Manager Business Applications |  22 August 2016

IoT, Digital Transformation, Less Busyness More Business, bot

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Three things we learned from the New Zealand Digital Workplace Conference

Last week I attended and presented at the 2016 Digital Workplace Conference in Auckland, speaking about what the ‘ Internet of Things ’ really means for New Zealand businesses.   ... read full post

Posted by:  Lee Stevens , Solutions Specialist, Product Management & Marketing |  16 August 2016

Internet of Things, IoT, Digital Workplace, Conferences

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The internet of Things

"A man dressed up in a blue Armani tries to get to his BMW parked in a garage. He notices that some thugs were surrounding it. He smartly pulls out his cell phone and starts the car, emits toxic gas to distract the “bad guys” and then navigates the car toward himself. He gets in the car by remotely lowering the back window into the back seat and makes his getaway." ... read full post

Posted by:  Sudeep Ghatak ,  |  20 October 2015

Internet of Things, Internet of Everything, IoT, M2M

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