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Working with Resco Mobile CRM: Part 2 – Mobile Projects

In part one of this post I wrote about the installation of  Resco Mobile CRM  for MS Dynamics CRM for a client using the latest version of the Woodford solution. In this second part I will show you how to work with mobile projects. ... read full post

Posted by:  Mark Horrocks , Solution Specialist, Dynamics Solutions |  05 March 2015

Dynamics CRM, Mobile

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Working with Resco Mobile CRM: Part 1 – Installation

Recently I have been asked to implement  Resco Mobile CRM  for MS Dynamics CRM for a client. For those of you that haven’t worked with Resco, the advantage as I see it is that you can offer a tailored CRM solution across multiple devices using either out-of-the-box or custom configuration for users with offline capability. ... read full post

Posted by:  Mark Horrocks , Solution Specialist, Dynamics Solutions |  25 February 2015

CRM, Dynamics CRM, Mobile, Customer Relationship Management

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New Microsoft Intune capabilities have arrived

Enterprise Mobility Management just got better – and easier – with Microsoft’s latest Intune updates. ... read full post

Posted by:  Craig Brock , Principal Consultant, Cloud Design and Integration |  03 December 2014

Mobile, mobility, Enterprise Mobility

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How to turn your top 5 enterprise mobility challenges into opportunities

Whether it’s to help mobilise our own teams and allow our people to be productive or to make the most of customer opportunities, organisations increasingly realise that an enterprise mobility strategy is a must. ... read full post

Posted by:  Andrew Kosmadakis , Practice Manager, Cloud Design and Integration |  14 November 2014

Mobile, mobility, MDM

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Azure Mobile Services: A Backend for Apps

At this year's Build conference the Microsoft Azure team announced the general availability of Mobile Services, a set of services specifically designed for apps. In this post we'll explore the motivation and capabilities of Azure Mobile Services, and when they may or may not be a good fit.  ... read full post

Posted by:  Don Smith , Solution Architect, Enterprise Applications |  21 August 2013

Azure, Mobile, Windows 8, Android, iOS

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Power BI from Microsoft

A new platform and tools to enhance Business Intelligence – on the desktop, web and mobile. ... read full post

Posted by:  Russell Bowden , Business Intelligence Senior Consultant |  30 July 2013

Business Intelligence, Microsoft, Mobile, Office 365, SQL Server, BI, Excel, WPC, Power Query, Power BI, Power maps, Power Pivot

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Oh, and it has to work on mobile!

But… what does this actually mean? Less colloquially perhaps, but you'd be surprised at how often I come across this little – and big – condition, buried at the end of a Statement of Work or draft requirements document. It's not surprising that it's mentioned, of course, just that it's not often mentioned as an up-front requirement, or not given the weight it deserves. ... read full post

Posted by:  Brad Gallen , Digital Strategist, Web and Digital Strategy Team. |  15 July 2013

Google, Mobile

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CRM 2013: This time it’s personal

Earlier this week Microsoft set expectations around the latest release of Dynamics CRM, Dynamics CRM 2013, asserting the new release “makes business personal.” ... read full post

Posted by:  Tim Howell , Marketing Manager |  05 July 2013

CRM, Dynamics Day, Mobile, Windows 8, Social, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Skype, Lync, Social Enterprise, Dynamics Day 2013, WPC

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Enterprise social adoption underway in Australian and New Zealand organisations

Late last month Microsoft published the results of research it had undertaken into how people and organisations use enterprise social tools. ... read full post

Posted by:  Tim Howell , Marketing Manager |  10 June 2013

SharePoint, Social Media, Microsoft, Mobile, Yammer, Social Enterprise, Smart phones

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The roadmap for the social enterprise: deeper connections, connected experiences

At the root of social technologies lies a drive for two things: open conversations and personal connections. And while social platforms have been ubiquitous in our personal lives for some time now, the penny is fast dropping within the enterprise. Business is social, and organisations need to embrace these “connected experiences” – connections between people, and connections between various technologies – in order to get the most from their people and to gain competitive advantage in an ever-changing world. ... read full post

Posted by:  Robert Stewart , Solution Specialist |  16 May 2013

CRM, SharePoint, Cloud, ERP, Social Media, Mobile, Facebook, SMARTS, Office 365, Yammer, SharePoint 2013, Microsoft Dynamics, Office, enterprise resource planning, ESN, gartner, Smarts 31, Smarts Magazine, Social Enterprise

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Your customers aren't (just) using computers: thinking about their real-world journeys and your digital ecosystem.

In the old days of the web, it was fantastic if you had a business website – a place where any customer – or prospective customer – could go online to find out your opening hours, your contact numbers, and maybe even get some basic pricing or product information. ... read full post

Posted by:  Brad Gallen , Digital Strategist, Web and Digital Strategy Team. |  08 May 2013

Social Media, Mobile, Marketing, User Experience, Web Strategy, Website, buyer behaviour, customer experience, digital ecosystem

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Event Recap: EPiServer 7 Update and Roadmap

If you’re looking to update or get a new CMS (content management system) then EPiServer is one to check out. Especially if the words mobile , personalisation , social media and SEO spring to mind, EPiServer truly makes these things easy and will bring you back to the most important part of your job: connecting with your customers. Andreas and Chris presenting EPiServer Update and Roadmap in Wellington ... read full post

Posted by:  Rose Harris , Marketing Assistant |  21 November 2012

EPiServer, Mobile, Social, Twilight, Website, CMS, Content Management System, EPiServer 7, Event, Recap

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Twilight Recap: Microsoft Roadmap Overview

Chris Auld, Intergen’s Chief Technology Officer, spoke at our latest Twilight Seminar, looking at Microsoft’s Roadmap and what he believes are the important areas to watch out for, highlighting mobile and social as the movers and shakers in the tech world. ... read full post

Posted by:  Rose Harris , Marketing Assistant |  14 November 2012

Social Media, Microsoft, Mobile, Twilight recap, Twilight, Microsoft Roadmap, Twilight Seminar

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A sneak preview of keynote insights from this year’s Dynamics Day: A Q&A with Microsoft’s Director, Product Manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

This year’s Dynamics Day – held for the fourth time in Auckland on October 31 – is just around the corner and we’re looking forward to three streams of really great content. If you haven’t yet registered for this free event – especially if you’re a Dynamics user or looking at becoming one – we still have some spaces available here . ... read full post

Posted by:  James Page , Practice Director Partners, Alliances & Channels |  09 October 2012

CRM, Cloud, Microsoft, Surface, Dynamics Day, Mobile, Windows 8, Dynamics Day 2012, Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Twilight Recap: Designing the Mobile User Experience

Mark Delaney, Intergen’s User Experience Design team lead went on a whirlwind tour last week to edify eager attendees on the considerations and opportunities when designing the mobile user experience. ... read full post

Posted by:  Rose Harris , Marketing Assistant |  13 September 2012

Mobile, Twilight recap

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