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Architectural innovation in enterprises

We spend too much on software systems in this country. We spend too much because people like me tell our clients that they can have whatever they want. And that's the problem with software engineering - we really can 'build' anything we wish, constrained only by the time we're prepared to spend and the corresponding dollar figure attached. ... read full post

Posted by:  Chris Auld , Chief Technology Officer, Executive Director |  11 February 2008

Oslo, Service Modeling Language, Service Oriented Architecture

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Intergen’s contribution to the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference

As representatives of the Intergen Strategy and Innovation team, Mark Orange and I were fortunate enough to make it along to the recent Microsoft PDC in Los Angeles, along with a handful of other New Zealanders. ... read full post

Posted by:  Chris Auld , Chief Technology Officer, Executive Director |  05 November 2008

Microsoft Professional Developers Conference, SharePoint, Oslo, Azure, Visual Studio

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Some thoughts on Oslo

The concept of modelling software in an abstract manner to ease the process of creating the real thing has been around for a while. And in all that time it’s never really taken off in the mainstream. So it’s pretty exciting to hear Microsoft has decided to give it a go – Microsoft has always been clever when it comes to examining the landscape, taking out the best bits, and building something that stands out from the rest. Let’s hope they learn the lessons of others and produce something that’s really different. ... read full post

Posted by:  Andrew Tokeley ,  |  11 December 2008

Oslo, Service Oriented Architecture, UML

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