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The business case for intranet investment and measuring ROI

A tricky topic! Recently I presented a paper to Bright*Star’s Strategic Intranets Summit in Wellington.  This challenging topic caused me to reflect on the issues facing my current and past clients who either don't have an intranet and want one (the minority) or need to invest in significant improvements in their intranet (the majority). ... read full post

Posted by:  Steve Lapwood , Senior Management Consultant |  04 October 2010

ROI, Intranets

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Return on Investment fundamentals

Even with an economy that’s supposed to be loosening up, organisations must remain careful about how they spend their finite budgets. IT solutions – and software solutions in particular – afford organisations new ways to increase productivity and create new efficiencies, but before such undertakings can be made a key question must be answered: What’s the business case? ... read full post

Posted by:  Tim Howell , Marketing Manager |  18 January 2010

Business Case, ROI

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