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The great information hunt

Four reasons why your company is potentially losing thousands of dollars every week: a look at the importance of information to productivity. ... read full post

Posted by:  Lee Stevens , Solutions Specialist, Product Management & Marketing |  07 May 2015

Search, productivity

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Two new Microsoft Azure cloud service previews: DocumentDB and Search

Microsoft recently announced two new Azure cloud services for preview: Azure DocumentDB and Azure Search . Intergen has been doing a lot of work with these services in recent months. We’ve been really impressed by the experience and we’re excited about being able to achieve quicker time to value using these tools.   ... read full post

Posted by:  Chris Auld , Chief Technology Officer, Executive Director |  27 August 2014

Search, Azure, Cloud Computing

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Twilight Recap: Creating engaging web experiences with SharePoint

Robert Stewart, Solution Specialist for Intergen's Innovation, Strategy and Solutions Team gave a run through on where Microsoft is heading with SharePoint; focusing on the capabilities it offers to help organisations create engaging web experiences. ... read full post

Posted by:  Rose Harris , Marketing Assistant |  04 October 2012

SharePoint, Search, SharePoint 2013, Intranet, Personalisation, Social, Twilight, Website

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SharePoint 2013 Search

Search is an area of SharePoint that has been greatly improved with the forthcoming SharePoint 2013 release from Microsoft. The changes range from a new richer user interface through to a completely revamped back-end architecture. ... read full post

Posted by:  Nick Hadlee , Practice Manager |  21 September 2012

SharePoint, Search, SharePoint 2013

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Benefits of FAST Search compared to SharePoint 2010

With the release of SharePoint 2010, organisations can use either the “standard” search capabilities, which have been improved for this release, or can utilise the more advanced capabilities provided by FAST Search. Why should anyone look at the more advanced solution? ... read full post

Posted by:  Bryce Telford , Developer |  04 August 2010

SharePoint 2010, Search, FAST

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Enterprise search options for SharePoint 2010

One of the biggest challenges facing most organisations is cataloguing and retrieving content from their many disparate systems. The sheer number of systems (including document management, CRM, and financial systems, amongst others) within which that information might reside can be quite staggering – anyone who actually steps back and attempts to count the number of such repositories is usually surprised at large number of them. ... read full post

Posted by:  Bryce Telford , Developer |  23 June 2010

SharePoint 2010, Search, Search Technologies, FAST

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Finding value using Search

If it’s 10 times more expensive to find a new customer than to better serve an existing one, then it must cost at least that much to recreate a document instead of searching - and finding - an existing one. Search technologies have revoluntionised how we locate and use information. ... read full post

Posted by:  Tim Howell , Marketing Manager |  01 December 2009

Bing, Microsoft FAST, Search, Search Server Express

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Search and ye shall (maybe) find

If people can’t find your website using Google, Windows Live or Yahoo!, your web presence is effectively useless. Regardless of how much you spend on your website, and how much you promote it, virtually all sites are reliant on the mainstream search engines to drive visitors and assure a site’s success. ... read full post

Posted by:  Ashley Petherick ,  |  12 January 2009

Search, Google

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