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CRM 2013: This time it’s personal

Earlier this week Microsoft set expectations around the latest release of Dynamics CRM, Dynamics CRM 2013, asserting the new release “makes business personal.” ... read full post

Posted by:  Tim Howell , Marketing Manager |  05 July 2013

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 “Polaris” release and its potential impact on current deployments

As part of its continual evolution of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft will soon release its December 2012 Service Update, codenamed Polaris. (Following the Polaris release, there will be three more star or star constellation themed releases: Orion, Leo and Vega.) ... read full post

Posted by:  Steven Foster , Client Director |  19 December 2012

CRM, Microsoft, Yammer, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Office 2013, Bing Maps, CRM 2011, Polaris, Service Update, Skype

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