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Building beyond the team – the case for unconferences

One of the most fundamental business concerns for a services vendor (or any organisation for that matter) is managing its people, their retention and their engagement. For the manager, a key function is creating an environment for those people to succeed and perform and this inevitably means building successful, jelled teams. ... read full post

Posted by:  Phil Wheeler , Senior Developer, Application Support |  17 November 2014

Team Building, YellowCamp

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Building excellent teams: applying the Social Identity Approach to team building

Anyone who has ever been involved in a project team will know the difference that having an effective team can make to the outcome of a project. We all know the quality and attitude of a project team has significant bearing on a project’s success or failure. But how do you go about building an excellent team? ... read full post

Posted by:  Ryan Day , Senior Project Manager |  28 June 2012

communication, Collaboration, Teamwork, Team Building

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