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The Tech•Ed racing car results

In the lead-up to Tech·Ed I wrote about how we custom-built the Intergen racing car simulators, the Intergen attraction at The Hub at this year’s Tech·Ed. And at the event itself I talked about the race car simulator set-up here . ... read full post

Posted by:  Lee Herd , Architect, Architecture Services |  02 September 2011

Tech-Ed, Tech Ed, Tech.Ed 2011, Things we built

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Tech.Ed highlights and photo recap

Tech·Ed 2011 was my very first and it was definitely an eye opener into the technology industry for me. Geeks from all over New Zealand came together to see what the technology space had on offer and left bystanders with ‘the cloud’ (and rugby) indented in everyone’s minds. ... read full post

Posted by:  Rose Harris , Marketing Assistant |  30 August 2011

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Look who's talking...

August is a month of speaking engagements at Intergen, with TechEd and Web on the Piste prominent on the events calendar. Here’s what some of our speakers have to say about their topics of choice. ... read full post

Posted by:  Tony Stewart , Intergen Group CEO |  09 August 2007

Tech-Ed, SharePoint, Office Business Applications, Silverlight, ActionThis

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Developer breeds

At this year’s Tech-Ed I was again reminded of two distinct breeds of developer. On the outside they’re almost indistinguishable. In fact they share a number of common characteristics that, at first, can make the unobservant believe all developers are the same - they both wear headphones like a fashion accessory, they drink Vs like water, they attend Tech-Ed… But don’t be fooled, under the hood the two breeds are easily discernable. I refer to them as the Elegantus-Coderectus and the Pragmaatus-Coderectus. ... read full post

Posted by:  Andrew Tokeley ,  |  29 August 2007

Developer, Tech-Ed

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