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Coming (very) soon: Microsoft TechEd 2012 – and we’ll be there again in force

TechEd is less than a month away, and Intergen will once again be featuring at New Zealand’s largest tech event. As always, we’ll be back in our yellow form, loud and clear, adding our buzz to the TechEd Hub once again. We’re also gearing up to present a number of breakout sessions across the board. ... read full post

Posted by:  Rose Harris , Marketing Assistant |  15 August 2012

TechEd, Tech.Ed 2011

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The Tech•Ed racing car results

In the lead-up to Tech·Ed I wrote about how we custom-built the Intergen racing car simulators, the Intergen attraction at The Hub at this year’s Tech·Ed. And at the event itself I talked about the race car simulator set-up here . ... read full post

Posted by:  Lee Herd , Architect, Architecture Services |  02 September 2011

Tech-Ed, Tech Ed, Tech.Ed 2011, Things we built

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Tech.Ed highlights and photo recap

Tech·Ed 2011 was my very first and it was definitely an eye opener into the technology industry for me. Geeks from all over New Zealand came together to see what the technology space had on offer and left bystanders with ‘the cloud’ (and rugby) indented in everyone’s minds. ... read full post

Posted by:  Rose Harris , Marketing Assistant |  30 August 2011

TechEd, Tech-Ed, Tech Ed, Tech.Ed 2011

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Technology, cars, adrenalin… the dream geek combo

How we built this year’s Intergen racing car simulators at New Zealand’s Tech•Ed 2011.  ... read full post

Posted by:  Lee Herd , Architect, Architecture Services |  23 August 2011

Tech.Ed 2011, Things we built, racecar simulators

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Building the Tech•Ed App for Windows Phone 7 (and how I did it)

Developing for Windows Phone is the most fun I’ve had with code for many years, so when Microsoft were looking for someone to whip up an application for this week’s Tech·Ed New Zealand, I jumped at the chance. ... read full post

Posted by:  Ben Gracewood , Solution Architect |  22 August 2011

Microsoft, Tech.Ed 2011

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Intergen out in force at this year’s Tech•Ed New Zealand

Tech·Ed New Zealand is next week, and our team is busy giving their presentations a final spit and polish. And for those of us not taking to the podium, there’s plenty of other prep work to be done, readying ourselves for our proctoring duties at the Hands on Labs (our friendly and ever-yellow team will be on hand once again to steer you in the right direction once you hit the Labs) and making sure our presence in this year’s Marketplace is up to scratch and suitably appealing for the punters… We can’t say too much on that front just yet lest we give the game away, but visit us again here at the Intergen blog on Tuesday next week and we’ll let you in on one of our little secrets… (and a behind the scenes look at how we magicked it up). ... read full post

Posted by:  Katy Sweetman , Marketing Director, Empired Group |  17 August 2011

TechEd, Tech.Ed 2011

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