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SharePoint 2019 - what’s in it for me?

Microsoft has just announced the new SharePoint 2019 release dates to the market and it seems they have been busy packing SharePoint Online with lots of new features and capabilities, which are backed by Azure and Artificial Intelligence. ... read full post

Posted by:  Ashish Trivedi , Principal Consultant |  11 June 2018

SharePoint, Azure, content management, ECM

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Is the intranet dead? Reflections on the Digital Workplace Conference 2017

That was the question we not so subtly put to the attendees of the Digital Workplace 2017 , held in Auckland last week. ... read full post

Posted by:  Nick Hadlee , Practice Manager |  30 May 2017

Collaboration, Intranet, content management, ECM, Portals

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Do I need a responsive* website?

The short answer: It depends... Now for the long answer: To ask whether you need a responsive website is to try to decide on tactics before you’ve come up with an overall strategy. Responsive Design is a technique – a way of getting a job done – with certain characteristics that make it more suited to some scenarios than others. ... read full post

Posted by:  Brad Gallen , Digital Strategist, Web and Digital Strategy Team. |  09 October 2013

content management, design, web

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