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AI is no longer Artificial Intelligence

Strategic predictions are always an interesting quandary to wrestle with. How far do you back medium-term predictions given today’s technology landscape is dynamic and continually evolving? ... read full post

Posted by:  Brett Gresele , General Manager, Strategic Deals and Alliances |  12 November 2018

Cloud Platform, gartner, Digital Transformation, Continuous Service, #CXreimagine

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The roadmap for the social enterprise: deeper connections, connected experiences

At the root of social technologies lies a drive for two things: open conversations and personal connections. And while social platforms have been ubiquitous in our personal lives for some time now, the penny is fast dropping within the enterprise. Business is social, and organisations need to embrace these “connected experiences” – connections between people, and connections between various technologies – in order to get the most from their people and to gain competitive advantage in an ever-changing world. ... read full post

Posted by:  Robert Stewart , Solution Specialist |  16 May 2013

CRM, SharePoint, Cloud, ERP, Social Media, Mobile, Facebook, SMARTS, Office 365, Yammer, SharePoint 2013, Microsoft Dynamics, Office, enterprise resource planning, ESN, gartner, Smarts 31, Smarts Magazine, Social Enterprise

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