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Kinecting with business

Movies are often a preview for what happens in real life – a few years, if not decades later. Whether it’s cars or spaceships, buildings or hoverpacks, or simply the way people live and work, many movies have acted as an insight into what could happen in the future. ... read full post

Posted by:  Tim Howell , Marketing Manager |  03 December 2010

xBox, Kinect, touch computing

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The internet platform explosion

There was certainly a time, not that long ago, where making your business available over the web was a point of differentiation. Today it arguably runs the other way - that is, the lack of a decent web presence is likely to quite starkly define your business in the market place. ... read full post

Posted by:  Chris Auld , Chief Technology Officer, Executive Director |  06 August 2007

Social Networking, xBox

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