Graduates' profiles

Everyone's got a story to tell. Their professional aspirations and personal tales. Their dreams and their achievements. Click each of the photos below to find out more from previous Intergen graduates.

Aaron Thomas Aaron Thomas Adrian Thomas Adrian Thomas Andrew Robilliard Andrew Robilliard Ayesha Khokhar Ayesha Khokhar Bethany Kamitakahara Bethany Kamitakahara Cecilia Fang Cecilia Fang Clayton Pilat Clayton Pilat Courtney Thwaites Courtney Thwaites Demi Brauer Demi Brauer Ella Underdown-Gray Ella Underdown-Gray Emily McConnachie Emily McConnachie Joyce Bai Joyce Bai Jeffrey Fox Jeffrey Fox Mason Crawford Mason Crawford Max Griffith Max Griffith Milli Bhatia Milli Bhatia Sheena Kumar Sheena Kumar Taylor Steele Taylor Steele Thushan Perera Thushan Perera

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