Dynamics Day 2012

Couldn't make it to this Dynamics Day? You can download the presentation slides here.

Dynamics Day is New Zealand's leading event for users of Microsoft Dynamics. With this comes a wealth of information for those of you who couldn't make it along to the event.

The preeminent event of its kind, designed for current and future users of Microsoft Dynamics products, this year's Dynamics Day comprised of 18 sessions, all of which will be made available for you here. If there's something you'd like to know that you can't find here, please just let us know.

Welcome and Keynote Presentation

Welcome and look at the current state of Microsoft and its Dynamics offerings, and what lies ahead over the next few years.

Closing Keynote

Guest Speaker Rod Oram "The Data-driven Business".

Business Intelligence: Unlocking ERP data for key insights

In this session we profile Intergen’s own use of business intelligence, with Murray Newman (Intergen’s Chief Financial Officer) showing how Intergen uses BI to achieve greater levels of insight and to measure how well it executes against its business strategy.

A business in the Cloud

This session looked at how a business can connect in the cloud, combining Dynamics CRM, Dynamics ERP and Office 365 for a virtual, integrated company.

Innovative experiences using the Microsoft platform

Stepping outside of the box. Exploring possibilities through the lens of a design-led approach.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

CRM case study: Young New Zealanders Foundation

Discover how Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online has changed the way Young New Zealanders Foundation (YNZF) raises donations to support their charitable trust, combining the base capabilities of CRM 2011 with the Not for Profit Industry Vertical Template.

Measuring ROI from your marketing campaigns

Find out how you can measure the true return on investment (ROI) for your social media and email marketing campaigns and how these marketing initiatives tie in with activity on your website.

How to make the most out of Lead Management and CRM

How to take advantage of Dynamics CRM to manage your leads more effectively.

Tips and Tricks with CRM 2011

Discover some tips to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your end users.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Dynamics AX Update and Roadmap

Looking at the latest release of AX. Hear about the future of cloud enablement, new implementation strategies and tools, mobile, features and functionality, and industry focuses.

Bringing Role Centres to Life

New ways to visualise, interact and manage your business.

Extending your current AX implementation

Explore a raft of interesting features from compliance and budget control, workflow, portals and Office interoperability through to travel and expenses.

Enterprise Projects - Setting up for Success

Key considerations for implementing Dynamics AX.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Deep Dive: Dynamics NAV 2013 Client Options

This presentation shows how businesses can utilise client options to extend the reach of their business to employees, vendors and customers.

Dynamics NAV Vertical Solutions

This presentation explores examples of where Intergen has partnered with third party vendors to extend the depth of Dynamics NAV’s out-of-the-box functionality.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Update and Roadmap

This session covers details of the new NAV 2013 licensing model, key changes and the deployment options that are now available.

Some snaps from the day...

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