19 March 2009

Launch of ButtercupReader

Developed with input from the Adaptive Technology experts at the Royal New Zealand Foundation for the Blind and the DAISY Consortium, Chris Auld, Intergen’s Director of Strategy and Innovation, and Reed Shaffner, of Microsoft, today internationally launched Buttercupreader.net, a Silverlight web-based audio player that allows blind and partially sighted people to read digital books. This announcement was made at Microsoft’s MIX 09 conference in Las Vegas, an international forum showcasing the latest innovations in web design and development. Buttercupreader.net was the focal point of Auld and Shaffner’s presentation, Building Accessible RIAs in Microsoft Silverlight. Intergen has been closely involved with leading-edge Silverlight development, with a close working relationship with Microsoft to assist in the development of new Silverlight technologies, since before the launch of Intergen-developed TextGlow, launched at MIX 08. Intergen is also actively working with Microsoft on several other international initiatives, further demonstrating its growing reputation as a provider of innovative software solutions. ButtercupReader is one example of a new wave of Microsoft accessibility innovations, allowing blind and vision-impaired people around the world to better access the information contained within billions of Word documents, helping them to lead more independent and productive lives. ButtercupReader is a free, open source add-in to the widely used Microsoft Office Word software and Silverlight player.

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