25 March 2009

TextGlow, a Silverlight 2.0 application developed by Intergen in 2008, has been made open source

Using the power of OpenXML, TextGlow allows Word documents to be viewed directly in the browser, without any software required.

Launched by Intergen at Microsoft’s MIX event in 2008, TextGlow is a world-first in the respect that it was the first application to successfully combine Office OpenXML and Silverlight 2.0.

TextGlow allows legacy documents around the world to be viewed seamlessly through the web, while maintaining the integrity and look of the documents. With more organisations storing documents in web-accessible document management systems, TextGlow is also a productivity booster. Being able to preview documents quickly and directly within the browser affords major gains in efficiency.

To see a demo of TextGlow in action, visit the website http://www.textglow.com/


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