2 March 2011

Our thoughts continue to be with Christchurch, our Intergen team and their families.

A week on from the devastating events of February 22, the full extent of the impact becomes clearer to us all.

Intergen’s Christchurch office is within the cordon, next to the Grand Chancellor building on Hereford Street and has sustained significant damage. Because access is prohibited indefinitely and the fate of our premises is unknown, we’re working hard to secure new premises outside of the CBD for our 40 Christchurch-based staff. We expect to be largely operational in the next few days.

Until a new office is secured, we’re doing whatever we can to smooth the way for our staff and clients in a very uncertain time. While we have offered all our Christchurch staff and their families the option of relocating and working out of other Intergen offices in Dunedin, Wellington or Auckland, most have chosen to stay in their home towns.

In the interim, we’re shipping new hardware to Christchurch so our staff can continue to work out of their homes – the first shipment has already been deployed, and the second shipment of laptops is on its way. We’re also in the process of contacting all our Christchurch clients to understand and prioritise their needs at this time. Systems and operations are being restored in our other centres based on these priorities.

As a company we’re absolutely committed to rebuilding Intergen Christchurch. Our Christchurch team has always been a really family-centric and tightly-knit bunch of people, and they’ve certainly demonstrated their tenacity and dedication over recent months, and in the past week in particular. We’re certain these qualities will help in re-establishing a strong Christchurch presence for us, and we’ll do whatever we can to support our staff and families and our wider Christchurch network in making this happen.




Tony Stewart, CEO 


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