8 March 2011

Two weeks on from the Christchurch earthquake, like the rest of Christchurch we are establishing ‘a new normal’.


Work itself has resumed and our environments have been replicated and recreated where necessary to allow this to happen. It is quite frustrating to know that all our computers and information is intact in our offices but, since we can’t access the building, we have had to source new equipment and create new infrastructure.

Our former Christchurch office is within range of the Hotel Grand Chancellor and therefore still out of bounds, we currently do not have any idea when or if we will be able to recover our property and belongings. One piece of good news in amongst so much upheaval, however, has been that Intergen’s move to the cloud in 2010 has meant that we have suffered minimal disruption. From an IT continuity perspective we have been very fortunate but despite this, we are still looking forward to the day when we can retrieve our equipment and it won’t be totally back to normal until we have.

We have been extremely lucky to have found new permanent premises for Intergen Christchurch amongst huge demand for office space outside the CBD. From April our new location will be in the Airport Business Park. We’re immensely relieved to have secured this space, and it will provide a safe and convenient new Christchurch base for us, close to the airport for visiting Intergenites, clients and partners, with Christchurch’s main arterial routes also close by. For the remainder of March our staff will be working out of temporary locations, including a central ‘hub’ which allows our team to meet and begin to restore a sense of collegiality and routine.

I need to make special mention of the efforts of our Emergency Management team, the Southern Leadership team and our Human Resources team for taking on the joint responsibility that was asked of them. Most importantly, though, I need to call attention to the efforts of our Christchurch staff. It is humbling to see how everyone has rallied together and committed to salvaging Intergen Christchurch. In particular I’d like to thank Tim Mole, our Southern Regional Manager, for an amazing job. 

It remains a very difficult time for our people – and of course for all of Christchurch. While we can take every measure we can to help bring about this new normal by sourcing new premises and equipment and creating contingency plans, it is fundamentally the wellbeing and safety of our staff which presents us with the greatest ongoing concern. In this respect there is no ‘easy fix’, and we will be doing what we can to offer them every support for as long as they need it.

In a wider sense, the same is true of our commitment to Christchurch. We remain dedicated to the city and are proud to be playing our very small part in the huge effort of helping in its restoration.




Tony Stewart, CEO


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