13 March 2012

Sales University for Intergen

20 February 2012 - Leading management consulting firm Carpe Diem Consulting has pioneered a Sales University for Intergen, one of Microsoft’s largest Trans-Tasman solution providers. The tailored training program is designed to help Intergen’s salespeople strengthen their skills, deliver superior solutions to customers and collaborate with their colleagues.

The innovative Sales University, which is delivered on-site and online, provides customised courses and ongoing support to enhance the performance of Intergen’s pre-sales and sales teams.

Carpe Diem founder and Managing Director Bruce Rasmussen said, “We continually collaborated with Intergen to ensure the University was tailored specifically to their needs. We’re proud to have provided a tool that helps position Intergen as an employer of choice.”

Bruce and his team led workshops with Intergen’s sales teams to identify skills gaps and define key sales competencies. They then built and delivered a personalised programme to help staff become more proficient.

“It’s an ongoing relationship. We continue to provide ongoing coaching and support, to help Intergen bring out the best in their staff,” Bruce said.

Since its launch, Intergen has already seen significant benefits from investing in the programme. Intergen Chief Operating Officer Simon Bright said, “The Sales University aligns with our unique, vibrant culture and helps make Intergen an attractive place to be.”

“It offers tailored support for each individual to build a solid and successful career. We believe this level of personalised training and mentorship is unique in the industry and is viewed as a differentiator by the team members.”

An internal social media hub provides a space for team members to share ideas and successes. This has aided Intergen to foster a stronger culture.

Intergen’s customers are also set to benefit - the University focus is on building the skills to identify clients’ desired business outcomes and helping the sales team hone their ability to provide the ideal solutions.

“Sales training can no longer be a stock-standard solution. We knew the Intergen University had to be personal and that’s why we engaged Carpe Diem. Bruce has been actively involved throughout the entire process and continues to develop the University with us. It’s not just consulting; it’s an ongoing partnership.”


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