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24 February 2010

Enterprise Search solutions increase business productivity

With most organisations facing increasing levels of digital content, business-specific search solutions are becoming a necessity in restoring and boosting productivity and gaining competitive edge.
“Organisational information can become buried and unsearchable, often leading to hours being spent on recreating valuable content,” says Tony Stewart, Managing Director of Intergen, one of New Zealand’s leading Microsoft partners.

“Enterprise search solutions can run a custom search within an organisation’s entire content base and retrieve all data rapidly, obviously resulting in a major efficiency gains.”
He says Intergen is expanding its focus in New Zealand on providing enterprise search technologies and has been selected as one of two partners in New Zealand to work with Microsoft FAST enterprise search solutions.

“FAST has a long history of delivering best-in-class search solutions and technologies. The partnership means we can extend our capability to give end users  tools that will help them discover information faster and dramatically increase their productivity," says Tony Stewart. 

FAST is a Microsoft Subsidiary, providing real-time search and business intelligence solutions, used in three areas; external (online and mobile), internal (information access and discovery) and OEM (embedded in other vendor’s solutions).

“Tony says organisations that invest in their own search platform to search internal content or for their own websites can significantly cut search time. This results in more productive employees, and more satisfied customers who can experience search results that are designed for their own needs.”

 “And, FAST is closely integrated with the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server content management and enterprise search solution. So, it can be applied to any business utilising the Microsoft platform to create a one-stop shop for enterprise customers.”


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