23 March 2011

The Subtitling Text Add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 (STAMP) goes live

The STAMP beta, developed by Intergen for Microsoft, is now freely available for download here.

STAMP is a PowerPoint add-in that allows users to add closed captions to any video and audio files included in their presentations, making PowerPoint presentations more accessible for those with hearing disabilities.

Intergen’s Chief Technology Officer, Chris Auld, says: “STAMP represents a significant move forward in accessibility features in Microsoft Office, helping make the product suite as useful, intuitive and accessible as possible for a much wider audience. It has been a privilege for Intergen to have played a part in creating technology that really makes a difference in making our daily productivity tools more accessible.”

For more information on STAMP and to download the beta, visit the Microsoft Office Blog here.

For an Intergenite’s account of the STAMP journey, read Jim Hunter’s blog.


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