5 September 2012

The first true cloud-optimised operating system.

Windows Server 2012 was launched at New Zealand’s TechEd this morning, part of a global launch of Microsoft’s latest server product.

For more information on Windows Server 2012, including case studies, datasheet, an overview of the product and the opportunity to download the Windows Server 2012 evaluation and to join in the global online launch, visit: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/server-cloud/windows-server/default.aspx.

Windows Server 2012 offers numerous advantages to organisations wishing to streamline and simplify their IT operations, and for those considering a move to the cloud.

Intergen’s CEO, Tony Stewart, says: “Intergen is very excited about the launch of Windows Server 2012. We have been using it ourselves since pre-beta and it has long been part of our own technology roadmap. As providers of solutions right across the Microsoft stack, we’re in a unique position to see the full picture, and to help our clients get more out of their application investment. Windows Server 2012 helps us to transition our clients to private, hybrid or public clouds, maximising the many opportunities that exist there, allowing our customers to deploy and manage their applications – and infrastructure – more efficiently and with a greater degree of flexibility, than ever before. In combination, Windows Server 2012 and System Center 2012 give us – and our clients – the tools to manage all environments simply, efficiently and cost effectively.”  


From Intergen’s perspective, what are the greatest benefits of moving to Windows Server 2012?

Intergen sees tremendous potential for organisations looking to transition their applications and services between public and private cloud: with Windows Server 2012 this can be done more easily than ever before. By leveraging cloud-based services, people can get much greater value for money from their existing IT infrastructure, improved scalability and the power to better utilise existing resources. Other big wins for everyone are automation and simplification; tasks that previously required manual repetition can be more easily automated; it offers better control and consolidation; and it’s more secure than ever.  At the end of the day this is a win for IT departments and IT service providers: this technology automates the simple, yet time-consuming tasks that are necessary but add little strategic value. By simplifying and automating them, more resources can be freed up to see how IT can be used as an enabler, adding value to the organisation and helping it achieve its goals.


If you’d like to talk to one of Intergen’s Infrastructure Consulting team about Windows Server 2012 in greater detail, we’re always available. Email mark.fenwick@intergen.co.nz.


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