Meet Intergen’s new UX Digital Design Lead

Pablo talks about User Experience design for business tools and visual communications. He discusses the trends and best practice for digital experiences.

Pablo Dunovits, Intergen UX Digital Design LeadIntergen specialises in applying User Experience design to business tools and visual communications. We create human focused experiences that deliver measurable results and create strong customer loyalty.

Through understanding the customer’s behaviour we apply our experience in digital design to create comprehensive digital strategies that use large-scale digital assets, rich web applications and mobile design.

What trends and themes are you seeing in your dealings with New Zealand organisations?

The need to understand complex digital ecosystems 

CMOs and CIOs are seeking integrated digital services from companies who understand the complexity of their digital ecosystem. However, the marketing services industry has failed to match the rate of change and growth in demand.

Digital technology is more than just communications. It also drives inventory, payroll, financial systems and customer databases. The focus is on developing and managing technology platforms across the business, operating in developing utility, data and storytelling. 

Adaptive marketing and agile technology

Companies need to have a presence in multiple channels to be seen. But they can’t do it in silos – the key is an integrated approach that includes online and offline offerings.

It’s also important to use technology to create long term relationships. Design must be undertaken with external integration in mind as well as reducing redundancy.

For organisations starting to think seriously about UXD/digital solutions, where should they start?

Rapidly evolving technology is making data increasingly valuable. So companies should collect as much data as they can right now. It’s free and it’s easy. Worry later about what to do with it – but collect it now. 

We can support clients in developing UXD/Digital solutions. Much of the work other tech companies in this area confuse UX with UI. In fact, UX also involves stuff that happens offline. 

To create the best online customer experience, clients must understand customer behaviours and digital touchpoints, then turn their business goals into digital goals.  Let’s start thinking about utility, data and storytelling. It can be entertainment, gaming, experiences or a service solution. It can be a website, mobile app, social media app, podcast, CRM, Intranet, blog, video post or technology product. But the important thing is that it engages the audience with useful content.  

Tell us about Pablo

I’m a senior creative, artist and digital marketing professional with more than 15 years experience in all aspects of digital solutions (B2C and B2B). I ran my own Digital Agency in Argentina for 12 years and have a solid understanding of brand, design, creative and UX.

What are the best practices for digital experience?

First of all, be creative, innovative and build human digital design solutions. Focus on outcomes and always put your customers first. Surprise people with simplicity. Conquer context, use consistent messaging and technology to create synchronised brand experiences. Don’t underestimate the power of classic mnemonics.

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