Introducing Digital Convergence

At Dynamics Day 2016 we announced the end of Dynamics Day events and the launch of Digital Convergence, our new annual conference, covering technology-enabled digital transformation.

All good things must come to an end. Dynamics Day has run for eight consecutive years in New Zealand and three in Australia, making its way across the Tasman in 2014. It’s grown from a small, tech-focused, turbo charged user group to a full scale business conference, the largest of its kind in Australasia, providing valuable insight for those interested in how technology can underpin business transformation. Over the years we’ve watched Dynamics Day grow and evolve. It’s become the biggest and most anticipated date in our events calendar each year, attracting hundreds of business and IT professionals from across the country. It’s earned a reputation as a place for thought leadership, networking, storytelling, learning and forward thinking.

But now it’s the end of an era.

And the beginning of a new one.

In 2017 we will be bringing you Digital Convergence – where business meets technology. A new name, but the same focus on business enablement through technology. The same thought leadership, and opportunities for networking, storytelling learning, and forward thinking.

Digital Convergence - where business meets technology

Why Digital Convergence?

So if the format and structure for the day will remain largely the same as in previous years, you may be wondering why we’re retiring Dynamics Day in favour of Digital Convergence. A very good question…

Over the years, as the Microsoft vision and platform have evolved, “Dynamics Day” has become a misnomer. Back in the day, Dynamics Day was very much a Dynamics­-focused event. Today, it’s very much an all-of-Microsoft platform event. Or, going one step further, it’s an event where the technology products themselves take a back seat and business strategies and outcomes take the wheel (and it just so happens that it’s Microsoft technologies under the hood making everything work).

Today it’s all about bringing everything together seamlessly in the digital realm; it’s about what organisations can achieve when they aspire to – and work towards – true Digital Convergence. And, while Dynamics will still get a fair bit of air time (particularly now Dynamics 365 has been released to market, transforming the world of Dynamics as we’ve known it), the focus of the day is on digital transformation through technology convergence and on what organisations need to do to achieve this. 

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