Modern portal productivity with SNAP 365

Bye bye tired old intranet, hello new digital workspace.

We’ve seen a shift in the last few years that’s convinced us that the traditional monolithic intranet is no longer relevant in today’s modern, digitally-enabled organisations.

For starters, as our lives and workplaces have become more digital (not to mention our personal lives and work lives becoming increasingly more intermixed), we’ve come to expect more from our digital experiences. We want things to “just work”, wherever we are, and on whatever device.

Our digital personal lives are filled with apps that make social interactions more fluid, fluent, referenceable and rediscoverable. And the workplace should be no different.

We need easy to use tools.

We want to work differently than we used to.

And we need our workplace to be unified.

Snap 365 creates a unified workplace

And then there’s the fact that, as organisations, we need to keep up with – or ideally ahead of – the fast pace of business today. In the words of Jack Welch: “If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.”

We therefore need the productivity tools in place that will allow us the agility and insights to remain competitive and connected. We expect these new tools and capabilities to be delivered with speed and to evolve in step with technology advancements.

Introducing SNAP 365, a packaged enterprise scale portal for Office 365 (ready in weeks – or even days, not months or years…)

SNAP 365, Intergen’s Office 365 accelerator, allows your organisation to transform the productivity, communication and collaboration capabilities of your business quickly and easily and leverage the full benefits of Office 365, utilising the many features available – bringing these together in one place, accessible from anywhere.

SNAP 365 allows you to leverage our rich catalogue of flexible components and templates for a rapid, cost effective implementation in your existing or new Office 365 environment.

Snap 365 makes communication and collaboration easier

The modern digital workspace can encompass any or all of the following:


Enterprise content management

Intranet portal

Document and records management

Knowledge management

Partner portal

Internal or external team collaboration

Project management

Training management

Business forms and workflows

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