Thoughts from Simon Bright, Intergen CEO

2016 was a busy one, for Intergen and our clients. Simon Bright reflects on key themes from the year.

Simon Bright, Intergen CEO

Welcome to our latest issue of Smarts, Intergen’s recently revived e-newsletter – our first (and last!) for 2016. It’s been a while “between drinks” on the Smarts front on account of there never being quite enough hours in the day to get the thoughts down on paper before the next adventure is upon us, but we look forward to bringing you regular Smarts updates from early 2017.

Firstly, what a year it has been. We’ve summarised our own highlights from the year to date here but without a doubt the greatest highlight for us is always seeing the digital transformation our clients are achieving, whether it’s helping them to engage better with their customers, to gain deeper and fuller insight into their businesses or to improve productivity and business efficiency.

Ultimately, our role is to help you – the organisations we work with – to use technology for the benefit of your people, your organisations and your customers. It is always humbling for us to be able to play a part in this change with you and to see the positive benefits technology can bring, whether that’s reflected in the community, in your people’s productivity and engagement levels or – for the CFOs amongst you – on the balance sheet.

There are of course too many client projects for us to call out individually here, but I’d like to thank everyone we have worked with this year for choosing us to help you with your digital transformation. We (and by we I mean you) have many great stories but one in particular I’d like to call out, featured in this issue of Smarts, and in fact one of the keynote features at our Dynamics Day last month, is Variety – the Children’s Charity. With its recently implemented all-in-one customer portal, encompassing Office 365, Dynamics and custom web portals, Variety can now engage more directly with its customer base – children, families and sponsors – and to scale its operations to help at least four times as many Kiwi children in need. A fantastic organisation, and one we’re very proud to call a partner and to have helped achieve real change through technology

I hope you enjoy the updates in this issue. From the advent of Dynamics 365, which is already transforming the Microsoft Dynamics space, to a very interesting snapshot of Kiwi organisations’ technology focus areas, from the importance of change management in technology projects to what a modern digital workspace really looks like – there’s plenty of food for thought.

You’ll note that there is a very strong digital transformation theme running throughout each and every article. This isn’t surprising, as it underpins everything we do, and our conversations are increasingly less about bits and bytes and product sets and more about enablement, outcomes and alignment with big picture strategy.

We’d love to hear from you what you’d like us to cover in future issues – please let us know!

I wish all of you a very safe and happy holiday season and look forward to talking through your plans and working with you in 2017.

All the best

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