What digital experiences do you provide?

How do your customers, suppliers and staff engage with you?

In the current environment, there is no disputing the necessity of having a digital component to your business. Becoming ever more evident, though, is the importance of having a clear digital vision, strategy and commitment if you want to not only stay ahead of your competition but remain on the playing field. For too many, digital has crept up behind them and found its way into the business in an ad-hoc, impromptu manner.

Digital Transformation is fundamental to a business’s success and survival, and is increasingly becoming a core part of organisations’ agendas – as evidenced by Digital Transformation being, arguably, the most overused term in 2016!

What exactly Digital Transformation means for your organisation can be one of the biggest hurdles when creating a realistic roadmap. Whether you are an advocate of Microsoft, or not, CEO Satya Nadella has created a very useful view of Digital Transformation, recommending that “irrespective of industry, organisations today must start thinking and operating like digital companies.” 

Becoming more engaged with your customers

Digital channels are now the preferred method for operational interactions for many reasons. Customers are driven by convenience nowadays and increasingly they are using digital methods to research, purchase and communicate. Digital Doughnut (considered the largest digital and marketing community in the world) observes: “The way brands communicate with their customers has fundamentally changed”.

Digital channels are now the preferred method for operational interactions with clients

One of Intergen’s clients who have embraced this concept is JUCY and they are already reaping the benefits (you can read more about their digital journey and their significant ROI gains here). With business complexities to take stock of, JUCY wanted a Business Intelligence solution that would help identify opportunities and inefficiencies quickly and proactively. “We are a people company, so we want to be out there with the customer, rather than behind our desks,” says Tristin King, JUCY’s Head of Technology. “It’s about people – happy customers and a happy crew can only be a great thing for our brand.”

Empowering your employees

This pillar cannot be underestimated. There are many tools available today to allow a seamless exchange of information, collaboration and ideas between employees on a scale and with an ease not possible a few years ago. 

Competenz is a good example of empowering their employees using a solution implemented by Intergen. Their administrators, trainees, assessors and contractors needed smooth access to a wide range of information, which they can now access easily through a new portal – either online or through mobile devices. 

Optmising your business operations

Ryman Healthcare’s award-winning myRyman app is an excellent example of a dedicated app transforming business operations. With a growing number of New Zealanders needing aged care services (Ryman predicts that it will double resident and care staff numbers in the next three to five years in order to keep up with this demand), Ryman saw an opportunity to transform resident care and teamed up with Intergen to realise this vision. 

Transforming products and services

Variety - the Children’s Charity, recognised that to truly embrace the need that exists in New Zealand to help underprivileged children, and to be able to scale to meet this significant challenge, it would need to completely rethink its technology platform – and to do this in a way that provided the greatest possible value for money, establishing a future-proof, robust, integrated solution with the capacity to scale to meet need as required. For Intergen it’s really exciting to be a part of enabling this with a truly integrated, cloud-based Microsoft solution

The ideal is to master each of these areas simultaneously. Intergen’s Digital Solution Specialist, Lee Stevens, and Richard Brown,  Practice Manager, Digital & Experience Design are part of the team who have been tasked with helping organisations along their digital journey and know better than anyone this is not an easy task. 

What they can do is help simplify the process, assist in establishing where you are on the digital spectrum, where you need to be and advise a realistic plan to help you get there.

They can help you create a digital roadmap to help you get on the right track. If you would like to be among the first to hear about it, register your interest below so you don’t miss out.

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