The AsureQuality story

The AsureQuality story began over 100 years ago, as part of the New Zealand government’s Department of Agriculture. Their job was to provide farmers with expert scientific advice to improve both the quality and quantity of their production. 

AsureQuality is quickly changing the way we do business, with a lot of focus around simplifying and enhancing our customer’s experience.

Darren Wilson
Chief Information Office, AsureQuality Limited

That work continues today, and AsureQuality still plays a vital role in making sure the food their customers produce is safe for millions of people worldwide, utilising their expert staff, in-depth quality assurance knowledge, and a plethora of approvals and accreditations.

AsureQuality is a world leader in ensuring that the food people eat is safe for consumption all the way along the supply chain, from farm to shelf. Its team of 1700 experts are based across more than 100 locations throughout Australasia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and China.

The business case for technology change

AsureQuality had been using SugarCRM onsite for some time, but the system wasn’t well adopted. Customer data was spread over multiple systems, with no central repository, which led to various ‘homebrew’ approaches and no single identity. It wasn’t allowing AsureQuality to consistently engage their customer base, or even keep all customers visible.

Darren Wilson, AsureQuality’s CIO, says, “There was no consistent architecture, just a bunch of legacy systems. Technology was end-of-life or it didn’t have a good partner ecosystem around it. With licences set to expire in a matter of months, this created a catalyst for change, and a tight deadline for us to meet.”

For such a geographically diverse organisation, onsite CRM was a relic. Microsoft CRM Online was chosen, and a four-phase roadmap was designed, allowing AsureQuality to deliver a solid solution, complete with a view of future enhancements, inside a three-month timeframe.

“To do this we looked at what processes we wanted to enable, what users needed to get going and functionality/data required,” Darren says. “Getting a framework in place, along with trusted data, trusted process ethnicity and seamless processes across the customer lifecycle were key to us doing this successfully.”

The engagement

AsureQuality engaged Intergen to build and deliver a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution which would span the entire organisation, and enable core capabilities required to deliver on AsureQuality’s company vision. Office 365 and SharePoint were also incorporated into the solution to allow for enriched functionality across the Microsoft product set, as well as more streamlined data sharing.

AsureQuality needed effective customer engagement tools and processes, integrated customer information and processes, which would provide trust, unity, and visibility across the customer lifecycle.

The solution

Key elements of the solution include:

  • Replacing the on-site, multi system SugarCRM with the more agile, integrated Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, ideal for a modern, geographically diverse business
  • Efficient planning and methodology allowed for rapid implementation, in three sprints of three weeks
  • Integration with AsureQuality’s in-house ERP, TechOne, in first sprint, followed by account management
  • Functional from Day 1: 250 licenses and 80 users from the beginning
  • All documents stored in SharePoint for easier access 
  • Continued opportunity for expansion and growth, for example drawing on Microsoft FieldOne’s mobile field service management solution
  • Sprint videos allow for quick, effective, and easy training
  • Paradigm shift to the cloud and virtual team distribution through Visual Studio
  • Easy to access and use cloud storage

The gain

AsureQuality now has a single, robust Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online system in place, consolidating all customer information. Customer data has been mastered in a single system, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online acts as a single point for data. The removal of silos allows data to be viewed as a single source, and has led to a unified recognisable truth across the business.

More customer interactions are captured, giving a greater understanding of their needs and allowing for more proactive marketing and engagement.

Essentially, AsureQuality employees can trust their CRM system, allowing them to continue as a world-class service provider

The (very near) future

Office 365 will also lead to easier operations for AsureQuality, allowing document creation and sharing to flourish, and complementing the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online implementation. Sourcing documents, customer data, and marketing are all measurably easier and more fluid than before.

The business case

After over a century of business, and with a presence across more than 100 locations worldwide, AsureQuality needed a fully integrated, modern platform for CRM to support the organisation’s growth, provide trustworthy and useful information give insight into the wants and needs of their clients, which could be accessed anywhere and anytime, no matter where in the world its team of 1700 experts may be.

The business value

  • Effective information sharing across operational teams and silos
  • An information architecture and data strategy that ensures accuracy and understanding of customer information
  • An effective and strongly sponsored change management programme
  • A practical approach to the delivery and standardising processes, in line with the systems being implemented

The AsureQuality project was a CRM finalist at the 2016 Microsoft New Zealand Partner of the Year Awards in recognition of the quality of the solution.

Business Transformation series

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