Department of Culture and the Arts

Department of Culture and the Arts
Department of Culture and the Arts
Department of Culture and the Arts

Episerver creates a fitting showcase for local arts and culture

The situation

The Government of Western Australia Department of Culture and the Arts (DCA) enriches and supports Western Australians in the culture and art sectors, helping them “to provide unique and transforming experiences”. To help do this, DCA’s website needed to undergo its own transformational experience, bringing it into line with DCA’s vision and strategic direction to better reflect an ever-changing environment and the evolving ways in which its citizens engage with arts and culture.

Its “clunky” website didn’t fit the bill, and DCA was in search of a solution that would deliver the goods and a provider that would get the job done. A user friendly, good looking and manageable solution, attractive to users and staff alike, was the order of the day.

The future

“What we needed could have been achieved on many platforms, but Episerver provided a user-friendly interface for the end user and an intuitive and simple CMS tool for staff. That’s why Episerver is such a good product.” says Richard Denboer, DCA’s Web Systems Manager.

The pain

Before moving to Episerver, DCA was working on a My Source Matrix CMS platform. This was difficult to maintain due to technical issues that arose on a regular basis. With its previous website provider residing out of state, DCA couldn’t use its website proactively or make changes in a timely fashion. “The result was a clunky, messy website,” Richard says.

Having grown used to a platform that was difficult to use and train people on, ease of use was paramount in the new system. DCA needed a solution that would allow  a wide range of staff to make changes quickly and efficiently, without the technical difficulty and bottlenecks to which it had become accustomed.

The partnership

Richard says, “With a solution selected that ticked all the boxes, we needed to find a local provider who would provide a good quality service, good communication and good ongoing support.” The support needed to be professional and responsive, and the product releases needed to be kept on track. Finding a reputable local Episerver partner in Intergen proved to be a big advantage.

“As the project manager, I was very impressed with Intergen. They were excellent to deal with, provided great results and any obstacles that stood in the way were dealt with straight away. The communication was excellent and the solution was delivered on time,” he continues.  

The gain

After a five-month implementation period, DCA now has a website its staff can be proud of and confident in, and a more apt online representation of the local arts and culture sectors. DCA can now direct its users to a friendly, up-to-date website one that reflects its true purpose and better serves the evolving needs of its citizens.

As a CMS tool it is more intuitive, and as a destination it offers a far greater and more dynamic user experience. Episerver has enabled staff to more easily edit and create content, and they can now directly send out email communication, such as newsletters, from within the system. Information is better organised, more up to date and easier to find.

In summarising the greatest gains Episerver brings, Richard says: “It’s now really simple for us to change content on our website, and our people are very well trained and confident. And that’s the reason why we purchased Episerver – because it’s simple and easy to use, and allows us to change our content quickly and confidently – and we’re happy with that.

Our new website is a real step up from what we had. There’s a positive vibe about the website now, and a great look and feel. Our staff are now proud to have it represent us in the outside world. We’ve even had a lot of feedback from the general public, with people phoning in to tell us your website is great.

Episerver is something that our staff from top to bottom are happy to use. So the ‘before’ picture was painful and the ‘after’ is just a pleasure.”


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