Kiwi SharePoint talent impresses US emergency management gurus

The situation

Mega scale events in the USA such as the Presidential Debate and the Super Bowl are well-charted territory for emergency management gurus E.SPONDER, LLC, based in St Louis.

New Zealand’s game of choice happens to be rugby, yet this innovative American company and Intergen have come together as partners on a common playing field – in the Microsoft Office SharePoint space.

E.SPONDER are market leaders in creating software to deliver real-time tactical response tools to manage large-scale events and emergency situations. These events attract million plus audiences. The collective eyes of thousands of emergency response personnel, including federal and government agencies, are brought together onto an information hub that E.SPONDER delivers on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.

The hub is a real-time command centre, powered by highly visual tools such as 3D Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping and layers of documents, web forms and communication feeds, often represented on a Microsoft Surface table for instant touch response to any given scenario.  E.SPONDER is winning contracts in emergency management worldwide and their attention turned to Intergen as a potential partner.

Partnership material.

Rob Wolf, President of E.SPONDER says: “Intergen came to our attention through a successful project involving SharePoint integration for one of our clients in New Zealand, and they more than proved they had exceptional SharePoint understanding and capability. The relationship is going from strength to strength, due largely to their innovation, willingness to get involved and their agile way of delivering smart outcomes.” 

We can’t talk specifics, but we can talk about success.

Much of E.SPONDER’S work falls in the category of Homeland Security, which includes disaster preparedness and emergency management. For this they have created rapid solutions to help clients to co-ordinate critical information in a faster, more streamlined SharePoint environment. While security reasons prevent specifics, Intergen has successfully completed an integration task for an All Stars baseball event, and currently is engaged in an integration task for a state-wide emergency department, involving integrating GIS mapping information into SharePoint via a Microsoft multi-touch surface. 

Both projects have cemented a high level of confidence in the partnership going forward and Intergen’s Director of Marketing, Wayne Forgesson, is pleased that Intergen is being viewed as a go-to resource, capable of reacting quickly to a given scenario, with distance or business cultures no barrier.

“E.SPONDER has told us they’re extremely happy with the work that has been completed and the positive direction our partnership is heading in. We’re pleased to be at the top of our game when it comes to SharePoint expertise and it’s great to have this acknowledged by a company of E.SPONDER’s calibre and international reputation. 

We’re in a position to say yes to any project and are keen to show our innovation as a partner for the long-term. And with technology breaking down geographical barriers, it just goes to show you can form these kinds of deep partnerships and complete world-leading work wherever in the world you are.”

The gain

To borrow some All Star baseball talk, it’s great for Intergen to get runs on the board through successful projects for E.SPONDER and to be regarded as partnering resource for a company that leads the way in emergency management and communications technologies.


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