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Cohesion creates a powerful platform, helping to promote New Zealand education on the global stage.

The situation

Education New Zealand (ENZ) is New Zealand’s first government agency for international education, which is the country’s fourth largest export earner. Essentially an “umbrella marketing organisation”, ENZ provides a pivotal link between government and industry and is tasked with raising awareness of New Zealand as a study destination, supporting education providers and businesses to export their services and products.

The challenge – and the opportunity

ENZ is a knowledge organisation with a global remit, and 90 staff spread across 17 locations worldwide. As the ambassador for the promotion of New Zealand as a world-leading destination for education, achieving organisation-wide collaboration and information finding and sharing was an absolute imperative for ENZ.

Mat Drake, ENZ’s IT Manager, outlines the challenge: “We had numerous shared drives that were named after most of the letters of the alphabet. The upshot of this was that people were doing their own thing. There were a lot of barriers to sharing and people working in silos. It was becoming impossible to find anything.”

ENZ Chief Financial Officer, Matt Penney, describes the opportunity this challenge presented: “We are a knowledge organisation with a strong customer focus. We needed to do more than just record and store our information. We needed a platform that would allow us to really use our information and get the most out of it.”

“We needed to do more than just record and store our information. We needed a platform that would allow us to really use our information and get the most out of it.”

ENZ needed a solution that would:

  • Work from anywhere and with external education partners
  • Seamlessly integrate with its existing SharePoint intranet
  • Provide a future-proof platform that would help get the most from functionality in Office 365 and Dynamics 365
  • Allow people to find stuff – search was a really big one for us.”

As a relatively new organisation, ENZ had a “clean sheet of paper” and saw the opportunity to quickly establish a strong, integrated enterprise content management platform for the future, and worked with Intergen to implement Cohesion.

After a series of “well-structured sprints” spanning a total of four months, ENZ’s Cohesion platform was live and in use by its global team.

The Cohesion advantage

Cohesion is Empired and Intergen’s Microsoft-based, cloud-delivered ECM as a service offering, designed to help organisations communicate, collaborate and meet their records management requirements.

Cohesion was originally created for New Zealand government agencies as one of three offerings available through the New Zealand all-of government enterprise content management services panel, established in November 2013. Today, Cohesion has a strong and growing constituency of more than 7,000 users within New Zealand’s public sector and is now available to Australasian organisations across all sectors, offered on private, government and public clouds.

Cohesion appealed to ENZ, Matt explains, but there were some initial reservations. “We really liked the idea of inter-agency collaboration and the ability for us to share workflows with other agencies using Cohesion. As a smaller agency one of our bigger concerns was that Cohesion wouldn’t be suitable for us. “We worked with Intergen to tailor Cohesion to our needs as a smaller agency and it added up. Cohesion’s catalogue approach really appealed to us and helped us to get a right-sized solution. “It was a case of finding not just the right solution, but also the right partner.”

The benefits of committing to strong change and information management

“As a smaller organisation that doesn’t have dedicated information or change management expertise in-house, we were also particularly pleased to be able to access these services from Intergen,” Matt says.

“Having strong change and information management in place took the complexity out of the project for us and gave us best practice. It was the single biggest reason for the success of the project.”

Hand in hand with this, training was key. “One of the best things we did was create a project team of super users within ENZ, and then draw on Intergen’s change and information management expertise to make sure we had the right level of support along the way.

“Getting critical mass, getting people to spread the message, getting extra training has all helped us drive to the finish much more quickly than we would have been able to otherwise. It has saved us a huge amount of time and effort in the long run.”

What’s the business value Cohesion now brings to ENZ?

  • A fully extensible, evergreen organisation-wide enterprise management platform that provides a robust, easy to use information backbone to enable ENZ to successfully market New Zealand education to the world
  • A commitment to strong change and information management ensured swift, successful implementation and uptake
  • Ability to share information and collaborate, internally and externally
  • A single source of truth, reducing silos and duplication of information
  • Findability of information across the business
  • Ease of collaboration and sharing allow for greatly increased effectiveness and responsiveness
  • Time saving and productivity gains, for example with co-authoring capabilities and best practice, standardised templates and workflows: “The ability to co-author and have watertight version control in Cohesion has been a massive win for us. It saves us a significant amount of time and effort and gives us unprecedented transparency and visibility across our processes and information.”
  • Faster time to value through catalogue approach, allowing ENZ to get a ‘right-sized’ solution and implement it quickly: “The catalogue offered us a vanilla ice-cream approach and then we could choose a few chocolate sprinkles to ensure things moved along quickly”
  • The Microsoft advantage – future proof, part of and fully integrated with ENZ’s wider Microsoft product ecosystem


Cohesion: Intergen’s ECM Service

Helping public sector agencies communicate, collaborate and meet their records management requirements with a cloud-delivered enterprise content management service.

InterConnect Change Management

Ensuring that your people are ready, willing and able to accept and embrace new ways of working is key to the success of any technology project. Change management helps this happen.



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