New Zealand Teachers Council

New Zealand Teachers Council

Teachers Council Register gets the big tick

The situation

The New Zealand Teachers Council (NZTC) is the professional and regulatory body for teachers in early childhood, schools and other educational institutions. To be legally entitled to teach in New Zealand, teachers are required to complete compulsory registration every three years in order to possess a current practicing certificate.

There are over 92,000 registered teachers in New Zealand and there are considerable peaks and troughs in both renewals of registrations and first time registrations of aspiring teachers. These administrative bulges had added considerable pressure to an already failing and inefficient system of registration and payment. The existing registration system wasn’t robust and merely kept a record of teacher status. It held little other professional information or the insights that New Zealand Teachers Council needed to analyse professional standards.

The pain

“It became clear that the system simply wasn’t equipped to handle the workload generated by the needs of compulsory registration. It was a classic case of ‘processing distress,’ with our call centre overloaded with enquiries, stymied by a system and basic database that didn’t work for us.” Andrew Ollivier, New Zealand Teachers Council Analyst

Workflows on .NET provide the answer

The process of completing a registration application requires several steps, including recording the teacher status, police checks, certified signatures and sighting authorised qualifications.

Tracking the individual steps was paramount, leading New Zealand Teachers Council to go to the market seeking a partner well versed in developing workflow solutions. Andrew Ollivier comments on the engagement: “Intergen stood out on price and the assertion that they could get the job done. While the project proved more complicated than any of us expected, Intergen hammered away at an answer. We were particularly pleased with the design and basic system that is a superb base for our business.”

New Zealand Teachers Council now has an excellent workflow-driven process that is transparent and generates communications based on workflow steps. The Teachers Registration Module allows staff to enter, track and manage applications. Communication is generated internally by the system, with auto emailing replacing the need to generate letters.

A big gain is the removal of frustration and providing comprehensive process information. The call centre team and registration officers now have real-time information at their fingertips and can have ‘intelligent conversations’ with clients, rather than working in a vacuum of missing information. “The outcome is a more robust and effective registration process and the experience of dealing with New Zealand Teachers Council has been enhanced, in line with our professional goals,” says Andrew Ollivier.

Having created a sound workflow base, the next steps will be for New Zealand Teachers Council to use the system to:

  • Enhance statistical research and reporting of professional development issues
  • Streamline electronic registration processes
  • Enable closer administrative connections to government agencies involved in registration processes.

Payment is required for each registration application. It was essential that the Teachers Registration Module be closely integrated with the finance system, and this outcome has been achieved by specifying real-time links to Dynamics GP.

The gain

Teacher Registration has become efficient and streamlined, ensuring current and future teachers a more interactive and professional experience with New Zealand Teachers Council.


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