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Getting data where it’s needed – in a heartbeat

The situation

Senses Australia provides disability support throughout Western Australia. In 2011/2012 it delivered 144,985 hours of services to 452 clients, a 19% increase from the previous year and the sixth year that client hours grew.

Although a charitable organisation whose funding comes from the State Government, Senses also operates in a similar way to the private sector. That’s because some funding goes to the client, who then chooses which organisation they want as their provider.

The pain

Senses had been managing clients and staff with a web-based application popular with charities. This was limited to capturing client details, their services and case notes whilst navigation and data extraction was clumsy. Senses needed something that was easy to use and manage so that staff could concentrate on working with clients rather than managing administrative tasks.

What’s more, to create reports, they had to send requests to an external agency which extracted and manipulated data as needed, making it impossible to make quick decisions or to deliver timely reports.

Intergen were brilliant. They really thought about what we asked for and how the system could do it in the most efficient way, rather than just saying yes to the request and developing an expensive solution.”

Darren Munday
CFO, Senses Australia

The technology

Intergen developed a Client Care Management System built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, which is ideal for data manipulation and reporting.

Dynamics CRM features include marketing campaign management, including bulk emailouts; services case management facilities to handle client enquiries and feedback; and business intelligence dashboards, reporting, and data search to manage business processes.

The system also fully integrates with Microsoft Office, specifically Microsoft Outlook, where emails and calendar appointments can be tracked within client records.

The Client Care Management System helps deliver the full range of client care services, handling management of the programs, alerts and accommodation registers, as well as managing client files, group sessions and the client qualification process.

The delivery

Senses had a tight budget. Intergen addressed this by building functionality into the off-the-shelf product, reducing time needed for bespoke development, also bringing functionality across from Senses’ previous system.

Using Microsoft CRM, therapists make an appointment in Outlook, see the client, and on completion go back to the appointment in Outlook. From there, they record the time they spent with the client, time spent on preparation and travel, and their case notes.

“That seamless process is a huge benefit,” says Senses CFO, Darren Munday. “It ensures we get accurate, up-to-date figures quickly. Our staff can also use Outlook to invite colleagues, such as an occupational or speech therapist, to work with a client. We work in a multidisciplinary environment, so the ability to collaborate is invaluable.”

The gain

Now that information is held in a central database, Senses can use Advanced Find to drill down to the information needed to write clear and powerful reports for funding and planning. This has fundamentally altered the business.

An intuitive interface and structured business workflows make it straightforward to use.

Greater transparency has also been delivered via built-in analytical dashboards and reporting.

Senses now has a responsive way to capture data needed to manage client interactions. Data is integrated with Microsoft NAV software so, as new clients are added, dimension values are automatically created. This allows Senses to allocate costs to particular client services.

NAV integration also means that staff only need enter client details at referral and assessment time, which then automatically appear in the financial database. Plans are afoot to add client contracts to the system. Integration with SharePoint means the end of slow paper referrals, with referrals now being scanned and sent to the next person for assessment via workflow.

Additionally, rapid notification of new clients speeds up allocating staff, eligibility assessments of referrals and decisions on service delivery.

Like other not-for-profits, Senses must now report to clients as well as the government. Not only can they do this, but they are also well positioned to meet future expectations. Because Intergen integrated Microsoft CRM with Microsoft NAV, data such as time spent with clients as well as other financial based information can be quickly collated into meaningful reports.

“We are at the start of a sea change in our industry, moving from output to outcomes-based,” says Darren. “Most organisations can’t measure outcomes – and we were struggling, too. We don’t know exactly what reports we’ll generate yet, but we are well placed to respond to any requirements having put in place a system and a structure that allows us to flexibly create whatever we need.” 

The business case

As a provider of disability support through Western Australia, operating in both the private and public sector, Senses Australia needed a Client Care Management system that would allow them to better manage their growing service and reinforce their position as a professional organisation that’s easy to do business with.

The business value 

  • Easy to use, familiar interface, with data integrated across the Microsoft platform
  • A seamless, straightforward work process, eliminating inefficiencies
  • Immediate access to information allows greater transparency and ability to make quick decisions and more timely reporting
  • Time savings in moving away from paper-based processes
  • Ease of collaboration



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