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Te Pou

Redefining interactions, inside and outside the organisation.

The opportunity

Te Pou plays an integral role in supporting and developing the mental health, addiction and disability workforces in New Zealand. As a charitable organisation working to deliver quality services aimed at sustaining a high quality workforce, it is vital that Te Pou has visibility over all customer interactions.

To do this effectively, Te Pou needed a solution that would facilitate broader communication, both internally within their organisation and externally with their stakeholders. Events and training workshops hosted by Te Pou presented opportunities to gather valuable information, helping them to understand their clients and to plan ahead. Te Pou’s previous CRM system lacked the stability that was required for managing this critical process, so Te Pou was looking for a solution that would provide the open communication and visibility they needed.

"One year in, we can definitely see the benefits of LinkedUp"

Martin Molloy
Quality & Contracts Manager, Te Pou

The solution

Working with Intergen, Te Pou implemented LinkedUp – a new CRM system, tailored to meet their specific needs. Microsoft Dynamics CRM was configured to cater for traditional contact management, coupled with custom capabilities for recording details about specific events and programmes. Unique Te Pou nomenclature was used to populate form fields, and marketing lists were modified to include participants from events and workshops, allowing outward communication to all contacts and staff.

This new system was set to redefine the way in which Te Pou managed interactions with their clients. Staff were used to working with Microsoft Outlook email and calendar, inspiring a full integration with Microsoft systems in order to reduce the impact of change on their organisational processes. The result was a smooth transition to a system which could deliver real, measurable value. 

The outcome

LinkedUp provides Te Pou with a multi-faceted look at how their opportunities are working. Their primary goal for the new system was to facilitate visibility for information regarding clients and stakeholders, and users have taken to these new processes with ease. The solution uses much of the standard out-of-the-box functionality of CRM as well as custom features designed to give the system an internally-focused feel.

Yet the newly accessible information provides data for funders, showing peak times to host events and constructing projections to enable detailed planning for success. Extensive training for a select number of users has allowed knowledge to be spread around Te Pou, and even shared between organisations with Le Va inheriting a blank template of the system to use for their own needs. LinkedUp has shown Te Pou opportunities for future growth, and made strong advocates out of the users themselves.

Martin Molloy, Te Pou’s Quality and Contracts Manager, summarises the advantages the organisation is seeing from the new CRM system, saying: “One year in, we can definitely see the benefits of LinkedUp. Planning is better informed, we understand our stakeholders better, and we can use the system consistently and confidently. It just works.” 

The business case

Organisations such as Te Pou working in an ever-evolving connected world require accurate, up-to-date and relevant information about all interactions at all levels. A system was required to deliver this data visibility, keep everyone informed and become the repository for contact information throughout the organisation.

The business value

  • Enhanced contact management
  • A single viewpoint of all stakeholders
  • Tracked emails and appointments
  • Automated communication to attendees and recipients
  • Microsoft Outlook integration for ease of use
  • Advanced reporting created in-house


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