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Fast, accurate information in a complex world

The situation

Property management is a demanding job at the best of times, but how would you like to be Te Tumu Paeroa? It has 2,000 properties in its care, each one with multiple owners, the number of whom increase with each generation. What’s more, each owner may have multiple contact details and ownership in more than one property.

Among Te Tumu Paeroa’s many tasks are:

  • Collecting payments from lessees and other debtors
  • Managing property maintenance
  • Investing income on land owners’ behalves
  • Distributing revenue to land owners
  • Managing financial records and compliance issues such as GST
  • Providing accurate and regular reports to land owners

The pain

With a 20 year-old legacy system, it was becoming increasingly difficult for Te Tumu Paeroa to meet its complex financial management and reporting obligations. 

Land management was an issue, too. “For example,” says COO Nick McKissack, “Landcare New Zealand data can shine a powerful light on the potential of land. But the system didn’t allow us to make the best use of external data that could support that.”

I could walk into a regional office before the new system, and every desk was stacked high with physical files. The new system means we no longer have to wade through masses of paper to produce reports or respond to an enquiry.

Nick McKissack
Chief Operating Officer, Te Tumu Paeroa

The technology

We built a new system that split activities into three segments: Microsoft Dynamics NAV for financials; Microsoft Dynamics CRM for property assets and the land owner database; and Microsoft SharePoint to allow each owner to access information about their land.

Collectively, these elements are an integrated “stack”; that is, each can talk with the others, delivering world class ERP, CRM and dynamic data systems on the one hand, and – for all practical purposes – a single system that delivers whatever data is needed in the moment, from a global summary of income to a financial report for an individual land owner.

Microsoft SharePoint allows a client-facing website to draw on property information from CRM. Land owners can now get immediate access to information about their land via a password protected login.

The gain

From within CRM, Te Tumu Paeroa’s staff now have ready access to all property and client data. They can generate customised reports that draw data from both CRM and NAV.

Staff have high visibility of what needs to be done and when, through configurable CRM workflows, many of which generate tasks in queues to facilitate workload management.

One of the most powerful features is the customised “dimensions” capability built into Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This allows a set of consolidated books for all properties and investments, along with individual records for each property. Traditionally, this would require setting up 2000 separate companies within the system; a slow and cumbersome process.

This structure allows Te Tumu Paeroa to do tax returns for each entity with remarkable efficiency. Likewise, the organisation only needs to maintain a single bank account for all client funds, yet Dimensions creates an interface that allows Te Tumu Paeroa to give each entity statements showing all of their transactions. For all practical purposes, it’s as if each entity really does have a separate account.

The delivery 

For unavoidable reasons, the project was undertaken as Te Tumu Paeroa was restructuring and introducing new business processes. “Intergen were consistently creative in problem solving and willing to offer new solutions,” says Nick. “I was able to talk to directors, account managers – people at all levels. That meant we were able to find a way to make it work.”


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