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SharePoint 2013 delivers a fresh outlook to Turners & Growers' doorstep

The situation

Turners & Growers (T&G) has been New Zealand’s leading distributor, marketer and exporter of premium fresh produce for over a century. No matter where their customers are in the world, T&G’s goal is to ensure their produce is as good as the day it is harvested.

SharePoint and Intergen not only ticked the boxes but also provided a solid foundation for future implementations.

Kylie Horomia
Corporate Communications Manager, Turners & Growers

Everyone at T&G, from finance, marketing and sales to wholesalers and retailers, plays a definitive part in delivering world class produce to the shop floor. To make this a reality it’s vital that everyone, no matter where they are in the supply chain, can communicate and collaborate with each other, at all levels and layers.

T&G has a strategy in place to maintain and grow an integrated business that allows them to manage all elements of the supply chain – and building an intranet solution that could help eliminate silos throughout the supply chain was central to this objective.

It was also important for T&G to consider a technology solution that could grow with them into the future – Microsoft SharePoint had the power to deliver the functionality and flexibility they needed, all in one mighty compelling, user-friendly platform. With Intergen’s expertise on board, it was time to get down to business and bring a fresh new intranet to Turners & Growers.

The pain

T&G’s incumbent intranet was missing key functionality and usability was poor. Creating an intranet that could join all the dots across the business was key.

As Kylie Horomia, Corporate Communications Manager, T&G confirms:

“Our previous intranet was clunky; everything was stored in different programmes and there was no central information source. With multiple data sources, it was hard to get one solid answer, document or message. Staff needed to keep up with the latest news, update their team on progress and have easy access to other resources from other departments to help support decision making. Emails were still a primary communication tool. Key business processes weren’t integrated and we were still performing paperbased tasks. And only a small number of people could update content.”

The gain

Janet Henderson, T&G’s Application Manager says:

“Intergen was easy to work with; they listened to our pain points and showed us what we could do to remove them, went through options and shared their expertise. This allowed us to not only implement a new intranet but also to drill down and really look at our business processes and develop a solution that worked for our team.”

T&G now has more than what they initially set out for: an intranet that not only delivers one source of the truth but it has functionality to streamline business processes to create one living, breathing asset. T&G is now well equipped with the right tools and resources; they can throw away paper-based processes and go about their daily work without encountering bottlenecks along the way.

As Kylie Horomia, Corporate Communications Manager, Turners & Growers confirms: 

“Our new intranet has a compelling user interface that allows us to easily update and maintain information, navigate through the different teams and open up silos. SharePoint and Intergen not only ticked the boxes but also provided a solid foundation for future implementations. Choosing SharePoint and the Microsoft platform meant any new solutions – such as our financial systems and staff directory – can be easily integrated with the current system.


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