Waikato Milking

Waikato Milking

Innovation at the right price for Waikato Milking

The situation

New Zealand owned Waikato Milking Systems has forged a very strong presence in international markets, with 30% of their milking system equipment sold in multiple countries around the globe. Their innovation has struck the right note internationally on a playing field that is price and market conscious to the extreme.

The pain

Winning contracts is very much driven by the ability to quote and price competitively for the unique characteristics of each international market, which is influenced by different market mechanism, currencies and dealer arrangements. Waikato Milking felt stymied by their ageing bespoke price book solution for pricing management. Increasingly unsupportable as a platform, it lacked accuracy and did not deliver the rapid turnaround in quoting and pricing that was essential in this tough export industry. These limitations became the catalyst for Waikato Milking to seek a world class CRM driven solution capable of integrating with a customised pricing management solution.

Innovation at the right price is what sets Waikato Milking apart. To compete on the world stage, they needed to simplify the management of multiple market pricelists to provide accurate, competitive, and potentially winning quotes.

“Pricing is the most important part of our business. You have to get it right to win business and to make money. We needed to be confident that our pricing was sharp, well informed and competitive.”
Dean Bell, General Manager, Waikato Milking Systems

The grass is greener thanks to a world class CRM solution.

As an innovative company, Waikato Milking knows all about the advantages of tailored technology and local servicing. Calling for market solutions and partners, they discerned that Microsoft Dynamics CRM was a convincing out of the box solution that could be tailored for their quite specific pricing requirements through integration with Experlogix. Dean Bell explains, "This was not about finding a bespoke solution; this was about getting a partner who could give an innovative interpretation on a largely out-of-the-box software solution. Intergen's knowledge of CRM stood out and we quickly embarked on a direction of customising a very sophisticated tool in the CRM realm to our specific advantage. We felt confident that we were investing in a state of the art platform, but not one that we had to fit our business to ­ rather, one that fit all the drivers of our business."

The gain

Pricing that is up to date, accurate and relevant to international markets is a compelling ­ and winning ­ sales proposition.


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