CRM Online providing a 360 degree view of all customers and prospects, from anywhere in the world. The perfect solution for a global workforce.

The situation

Imagine you’re a global organisation providing project delivery and consulting services to some of the world’s biggest companies in the resources, energy and complex process industries.

You employ more than 35,000 staff and have a presence on every continent. The projects you’re involved in range from small ones in established fields to some of the world’s largest greenfield contracts.

Due to rapid organisational growth across the globe and a legacy system that wasn’t scalable, WorleyParsons did not have a single, cohesive global overview of its operations, customer accounts and new business prospects.

Transparency between offices was needed and WorleyParsons wanted to maximise opportunities to leverage relationships and capability in one country, or to expand in other countries. WorleyParsons was also looking to improve efficiencies to its multinational customer base and to share useful knowledge and insights.

WorleyParsons wanted a solution that would allow them to manage their opportunity pipeline globally, providing local, global and sector-wide reporting, and to manage accounts and customer interactions. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online was chosen as the best solution, with Intergen as WorleyParson’s technology partner.

The technology

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is a cloud-based customer relationship management software that supports sales, marketing and service functions. One of its features is that users can access it via a web browser, making it the perfect solution for a global workforce, accessible from anywhere. What’s more, the software is readily customised and can be added to easily as a user’s requirements change or grow. It is also robust, with little downtime.

Customised dashboards were created, showing opportunities at a glance, along with a report function that provides a 360 degree view of all customers and prospects. Integration between CRM and an on-premise SharePoint document management system handles opportunity and account-related documents to minimise online memory requirements.

One specific piece of functionality notifies relevant staff whenever a customer record is updated. This “push” function ensures that even if a staff member is not an authorised user of the system, customer information relevant to them – such as updates on business opportunities or news about specific customers – will still bedelivered via email. Staff can choose whether to receive notifications immediately, daily or weekly, and they can indicate what kind of opportunities they are interested in. The result: a system that empowers staff to perform effectively, rather than telling them what they should do.

The gain

The new system was rolled out across150+ WorleyParsons offices in 26countries, and has already had significant business impact.

They now have a single, centralised CRM solution which gives them complete transparency and visibility of their operations, customer accounts and new business prospects – a core business tool to help them make the most of their opportunities, and to distribute workloads effectively across offices.

Wherever in the world a WorleyParsons staff member may be, they have customised dashboards that show opportunities at a glance and a report function that provides a 360 degree view of all clients and prospects. With total visibility of opportunities across countries, WorleyParsons now has the ability to maximise opportunities like never before.

The business case

With more than 35,000 staff, 800 users of CRM, and a presence on every continent, WorleyParsons needed a truly global CRM solution, accessible from the cloud, giving complete transparency of their operations, customer accounts and new business prospects.

The business value

  • Improved financial performance through the ability to better manage and maximise opportunities and customer interactions.
  • A single, centralised system with unified processes globally means greater efficiency, productivity and visibility.
  • Cloud benefits have meant global availability and reach, reliability, scalability, technology currency, less maintenance and fewer onsite overheads.
  • Customised dashboards and reporting give greater insight into the business and customers.


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