Netball New Zealand

Netball New Zealand
Netball New Zealand

Playing from the same game plan

The situation

Remember when netball was strictly an amateur sport played on asphalt courts? You don’t? That’s because netball has become one of the most high profile, dynamic sports in New Zealand.

That didn’t happen by accident. Netball New Zealand has devoted years to growing participation in all facets (players, volunteers, coaches, umpires and officials), delivering on the world stage, maintaining financial sustainability, and delivering compelling netball experiences at every level.

As a result, there are now more than 143,000 members countrywide and a further 80,000 social competitors in five zones, and over 1000 clubs in 87 centres.

The pain

So what’s the issue, then? Simply this.

Given its ambitious goals, Netball New Zealand knows the importance of running a future proof, business-like organisation that also maintains great connections with participants. That’s another way of saying that yesterday’s gains can quickly become today’s rut.

To that end, the organisation last year restructured, consolidating 12 regions and five franchises into five zones set up as incorporated societies.

That was a foundation to build on, but there was still left plenty to do. One burning issue: each zone was using a different accounting solution, and there was no way to easily integrate them. What’s more, the system used by Netball New Zealand itself was out of date and inadequate for a world class sporting organisation. For example, the kind of reports that modern organisations take for granted often had to be created through macros and other time consuming methods.

“It was what we called a ‘mantronics’ system,” says Netball New Zealand Finance Director, Jennie Wyllie. “We did the work, not the machine. In a best-in-class environment, it’s no longer suitable.”

They wanted to create a system where the board could see the consolidated financial status of the entire sport within New Zealand, across all of the disparate entities, aggregated into a rolled-up view for management.

The technology

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 is a powerful Financial Information System. Because it is cloud-based, it can be shared by multiple users across different locations and also eliminates the need for capital expenditure. Its functionality includes the ability to define zones, and flexible options around management reporting, consolidation, budgeting and forecasting. It is also scalable – a major consideration for Netball New Zealand – and can be configured or upgraded as organisations and/or technology change.

Netball New Zealand was the first Dynamics NAV 2013 implementation in New Zealand.

The gain

“The Intergen solution is already allowing us to do transactional accounting easily and put some best practices in place,” says Jennie. “That’s allowing us to support the zones in a new way – we’re in regular communication around financials, the board has improved visibility of what’s happening, there are better lines of communication, and we’re less distant from our delivery arm.”

The new package offers uniform, simplified and flexible reporting across all five Netball New Zealand zones. Benefits include centralised control of financial data, a single unified database, and more effective quality control in financial management.

The net result is that Netball New Zealand is in a better position to do what it exists for: support the people and groups who are the heart and soul of one of New Zealand’s most popular sports.

The delivery

As New Zealand’s first Dynamics NAV 2013 solution, implementation was also going to be challenging. “The Intergen team was exceptional,” says Jennie, “and one individual just totally got our needs.”


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