It's time to reimagine the way we work

Technology plays a vital role in helping us to reimagine work – and never more so than right now.

As businesses, we are all working fast – and without precedent to guide us – to adapt in the face of tremendous change. We’re all working hard to ensure we’re maintaining business continuity, staying connected with our people and our customers, wherever they may be, and staying safe as we work – differently – together.

To help you as you and your teams reimagine work in the times ahead, we’ve created this page so that we can share as many practical modern and remote workplace online resources and tools as possible with you, for you and your teams to draw on as and when you need them. We hope they are useful.

To adapt an old adage, at times like these, necessity becomes the mother of reimagination. Within the many challenges we all face today, there are opportunities for us all to look at work anew as we all navigate this new normal — where “work” really does become something we do rather than somewhere we go.

We wish you and your teams the very best at this time.

Staying connected, productive and safe
wherever you, your people and customers may be

Here we’ll share timely and useful articles, tips and insights from our experts and the wider industry on collaboration, business continuity and remote working – and any other relevant topics – to help you stay connected with your people, your customers and keep your business working. Read the #ReimagineWork blog series below or follow #ReimagineWork on LinkedIn

Securing the newly remote workforce

Securing the newly remote workforce

It’s all well and good to be remote working but having a lot of people suddenly working from outside the office network presents a new set of security issues - not the least of which is the fact that our people are no longer “within the security perimeter”.

Teams rapid enablement: moving to a single source of truth

Teams rapid enablement: moving to a single source of truth

Continuing from "Things you can do right now to enable remote working", this blog explores the the importance of having a single source of truth, enabling business process and managing change in more detail and explain how these are related to business problems you may be experiencing today and offer some ideas as to what you could do to about them.

Things you can do right now to enable remote working

Things you can do right now to enable remote working

The impact of COVID-19 is causing many organisations to consider how to work remotely. In this blog, we offer advice and practical, rapid assistance to help enable your organisation to maintain business continuity, productivity and connectivity, wherever you and your teams may be.

Remote work with Azure Windows Virtual Desktop as part of your COVID-19 response plan

Remote work with Azure Windows Virtual Desktop as part of your COVID-19 response plan

Because of the current COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have been considering how we could respond to a worst-case scenario where a team member is diagnosed with the virus, or company and government decisions result in a significant number of people unable to attend office. How can your organisation be prepared for these events?

Fast-start tools to help you #ReimagineWork

Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Desktop

Many organisations are considering remote work as a way to respond to a worst-case scenario where a company or government decision result in a significant number of people unable to work from their office. 

Intergen has developed this rapid-start offer to implement a production pilot of Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) for up to 50 users.

Visit the Microsoft Marketplace to find out more about this pilot or download the datasheet.

Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Desktop

Microsoft Teams Rapid Enablement

The increasing rate of COVID-19 cases means that customers are having to work quickly to plan how to enable people to work remotely while ensuring the communication and collaboration required for workplace productivity.

The Teams Rapid Enablement allows base collaboration within Microsoft Teams for Microsoft Office 365 customers within five days.

Download the Microsoft Teams Rapid Enablement datasheet now.

Microsoft Teams

Upcoming webinars

Webinar: securing the new remote workforce

Securing the new remote workforce

As organisations around the world face a pandemic, businesses are quickly focusing on how to overcome serious challenges. One of these is how to enable a significant portion, if not all, of our workforce to work securely from home.

Join us for this webinar focusing on securing the new remote workforce. It will be slightly more technical in focus and relevant to those in your team tasked with securing their workforce in these new working conditions.

Webinar recordings

Keeping with the #ReimagineWork theme, we ran the "Working Remotely with Microsoft Technologies" webinar - conducted with Microsoft Teams live event - where we discussed covering remote working with Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Desktop and communication with Microsoft Teams.

Watch the recording (and download the slides) to see how you can use Microsoft Azure technology to create and deploy Windows desktop images that run on the cloud, accessible from web browsers, Windows and MacOS clients as well as Android and iOS apps, giving your employees access to the same tools they would normally have through your physical desktop deployments.

External resources to help you #ReimagineWork

Microsoft has put together an extremely helpful resource page with more information on how technology can help your organisation with remote working, education and family, community support and more.

Updates from the Intergen team

Intergen has a focused Response Team in place, backed by a sound Business Continuity Plan. This plan continues to evolve as the current situation changes.

Talk to us – we’re here to help

If we can help you in any way to provide advice or assistance as you and your organisation #ReimagineWork, please get in touch. We’re here to help.

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