Data Insights, Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics

Giving you actionable and meaningful insight into the workings of your organisation.

Volumes of data are increasing exponentially and your organisation’s ability to make sense of this data is more important than ever. We help you to understand the value of your existing data and then work with you to get the most from it.

The benefits

  • Make key business decisions based on comprehensive, accurate and timely information
  • Ensure you’re collecting the right data, and applying the right analytics, at the right time, to help bring about the right results
  • Leverage your existing IT investments, maximising the value of the data available to you through your business systems and the wealth of cloud data services available today
  • Better understand your business and your customers and deliver more engaging experiences as a result
  • Deliver solutions quickly and to improve them incrementally over time based on performance, feedback and other key metrics
  • Apply these insights to optimise processes

Our dedicated team of specialists works with you to develop a strategy to unlock the value of your information and gain greater insight, using the latest technologies available from Microsoft and other leading providers.

Free datasheet downloads

Data Detective

Download Data Detective datasheet

How data-savvy is your organisation? Are you managing your data as an asset with quality control and are you able to access it when you need it? Do you know what data assets exist in your organisation and what they can do for you? What are your most critical KPIs and where does the data come from? 

Click the image to download the Data Detective datasheet.

Data Strategy

Download Data Strategy datasheet

Data is a strategic asset, which can be used to create value and drive better decision-making for all the employees of an organisation. Data strategy will help deliver long-term business value.

Click the image to download the Data Strategy datasheet.

Data Platform Assessment

Download Data Platform Assessment datasheet

The Data Platform Assessment can help identify situations where meeting ad hoc business reporting needs requires the addition of new data sources into the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW).

Click the image to download the Data Platform Assessment datasheet.

Jumpstart Power  BI

Download Jumpstart Power BI datasheet

Power BI empowers your users to get a 360-degree view of your organisation. Take the first step in your Power BI journey to become a data-driven organisation and unlock valuable and actionable insights from your data.

Click the image to download the Jumpstart Power BI datasheet now.

Power BI Training

Download Power BI Training datasheet

Empower your business users by mastering the essential Power BI skills to make use of your data and build compelling and interactive reports. No matter what your skillset is, our range of hands-on training is designed for users with no experience to more advanced developers.

Click the image to download the Power BI Training datasheet now.

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