Expert Guidance

Cloud readiness

We help you understand the wider questions, risks and benefits of cloud for your organisation. We assess your business and technical readiness to make the move to cloud and recommend the quickest or best cloud wins for you.

Technology roadmap

We map out your current application and technical architecture, and identify the pain points – the applications in need of attention, the patterns and practices that are causing the most pain, the gaps between what your organisation needs and what your IT portfolio provides. We then propose a strategy and programme of work.

Technical governance

During any project or programme, delivery teams focus on outcomes and deliverables. We ensure that projects work together and that the right technologies are solving the right problems, overseeing quality, architectural fit, performance and scalability.

Application lifecycle management

We help you to understand the state of your applications by mapping out your application portfolio, identifying the age and maintainability of each application and proposing a plan for application upgrade or replacement over a decade or more.

Solution architecture

Too many projects fail because their fit within the organisation’s existing IT infrastructure was not articulated. We work together with implementation teams in the early phases of any project and ensure the overall fit of the project to your systems is well understood and well-engineered.

Performance testing

We ensure System Performance by stating upfront how the application will perform, then providing the governance and review to understand the application’s performance against these metrics, working with the implementation team to fix any issues as soon as they arise.

Identity design

We remove the pain of multiple passwords and complex access rights by designing and implementing an identity solution that links your corporate Active Directory to your cloud solutions in a secure, standards-based way that is painless and invisible to your staff.

Business consulting and change management

We offer a broad range of tailored outcomes from Information Systems Strategic Plans, Business Change Management, Enterprise Architecture engagements and other Management Consulting engagements.  By working in partnership we can deliver a full service, from the strategic planning through to the on-the-ground delivery.

Packaged solutions

Cloud readiness review

We deliver you a report providing a series of recommendations and a programme of work to gain the benefits of the cloud for your organisation. This report reviews your current infrastructure and applications, outlines technical and business gaps and risks, proposes mitigations and identifies the most suitable cloud platform or platforms for your organisation.

Solution architecture

A Solution Architecture provides a guide and overall roadmap for the detailed design and implementation of your projects. To create your Solution Architecture we review your requirements and current state, identifying goals and constraints. We carefully document the project solution and where it fits in relation to your existing platforms, applications, standards, technologies and roadmaps, providing governance throughout the project.


We review your organisation’s direction and business need for the next 24 months, looking at your current applications and technical architecture, proposing a ‘nirvana view’ looking two to three years into the future. We then deliver a roadmap and recommended programme of work to help you achieve this nirvana view, working towards it in a measured, methodical way.

Identity design

We help you understand and plan for the identity management requirements of your stakeholders for the medium and long term, helping to achieve transparent management of staff and customer identities and seamless single sign on for all of your systems, whether on-premise or cloud based.

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